About Events

About Mystical Dragon’s Events

Mystical Dragon hosts many events. We also host special guests on a regular basis so that the local community may be nourished and empowered.

Mystical Dragon hosts events such as:

Mystical Dragon has regular special guests who

  • Host book signings
  • Facilitate workshops

Famous Visitors at Mystical Dragon

  • Anita Revel (Australian author and white witch)
  • Audrya Corbett (Didgeridoo Reiki practitioner from Canada)
  • Elisabeth Jensen (Australian psychic of the year 2010, founder of Auset Temple Healing, and healer)
  • Inna Segal (author and healer)
  • Jill Marcy (Australian author and soul coach)
  • Lla’rah (sacred sounds)
  • Lucy Cavendish (Australian author and white witch)
  • Michele Kingston (Founder of Divine Light Centre and author of Crystal Guardian oracle cards)
  • Rose Inserra (Internationally published author and writing consultant)
  • Roxanne Bodsworth (Australian pagan author)
  • Roz Tilley (Australian author, psychic and spirit guide artist)
  • Scott Alexander King (Australian author, psychic and shamanistic based teacher)
  • Simone Matthews (Universal Life Tools Metaphysical School of Healing)
  • Sue Bunnett (Isis Lotus Healing teacher)
  • Tanishka (Australian author and white witch)
  • Tracey Jewel (Australian author)
  • Wendy Ishewe (Psychic and spirit guide artist)