Add Energy to a Desire Spell

Add Energy to your Desire Spell

Best Timing

This spell was written for a Leo Moon, but you could adjust the invocation to use at any New or Full Moon

Required Items

  1. A red candle (wish candle size works well)
  2. Three Clear Quartz points
  3. A picture or item that represents what you are trying to manifest

What to Do

A simple candle spell to give you energy or motivation to start something new, uses an item that represents what you are wanting to manifest. This could be a photo or a physical item – whatever you choose it should connect in someway to what you are trying to do. For example, if your aim is motivating yourself you could use a photo of yourself, or if you are trying to add energy to a new business you could use a business card or logo from the business, if you are trying to add energy to going out to get a new job then pick something that represents the type of new job you are wanting to get, etc. The sky is the limit really, it is only important the reason you choose the item makes sense to you.

Assemble your items on your altar or sacred space and then hold the candle with both hands and think/feel for several minutes on what you are wanting to manifest (this is your focus). Then place your candle on top of or next to your representing item on your altar or sacred space. Charge your clear quartz points in the same way as you did your candle, before placing them around your candle with the points facing inwards towards the candle.

Then light your candle and place a hand either side of the flame while you speak directly to Universe with words like:

Gracious Universal Light,
on this evening of Leo with Sun energy burning bright,
Grant me this blessing that abundance of all I ask comes my way,
May new beginnings and energy come with the dawning of the new day.
With harm to none, but guidance for the best way forward, Blessed be.

Leave your candle to burn all the way out. Journal writing, planning or meditation are all perfect to do as your candle is burning down. xx