Anubis Protection Spell

A Spell to Invoke God Anubis For Protection

Best Timing For Your Protection Spell

Full Moon or Waxing Moon is great, but any time you need protection will work

What You Need For This Spell

  1. A small bottle (a dark coloured oil bottle is ideal but not essential, so long as your bottle seals air tight its fine)
  2. Sweet Almond oil
  3. Patchouli oil
  4. Lavender oil
  5. Myrrh oil (or Frankincense as an alternative)
  6. A couple of crystal chips like Amethyst, Black Obsidian or Black Tourmaline (optional)

Putting Your Protection Spell Together

There are lots of different types of protection spells or magickal workings we can do, but in this magickal working I feel like creating some protection oil and working with the Egyptian God Anubis. Your protection oil, which you can anoint yourself, your home, car or any item/building/person with, will keep you safe from negative energy and psychic attacks.

To make your oil place about a tablespoon of your Sweet Almond oil into your jar, followed by 4 drops Patchouli oil, 3 drops Lavender oil and 1 drop Myrrh oil. You can also add some crystal chips of any protective crystal you like into the bottom of your jar if you like as an added boost (see suggestions above). Then seal your jar and hold it in both hands, and charge it up with your intent of protection – see yourself protected and any negativity being dissolved away, feel what being totally protected feels like, affirm that you are protected across all levels of your being, etc. Do this for several minutes.

Anubis is an Egyptian God who I find very good to call on for protection. He appears as a jackal-headed man or as an entire jackal. We can call on him at any time we feel the need for protection, or ask his blessings on items we make to aid our protection. So once we have created our protection oil, you can anoint yourself, your home, your car or anything you like which you want protected with it. This is simply rubbing some of the oil on with your intent of protection. I like to draw a pentagram when I use an oil for protection like this. You could anoint your forehead and see yourself completely protected, anoint the front and back door of your home and see your whole home completely protected, etc.

Invoking the God Anubis

You could invoke Anubis to add his energy as well, saying something like:
“Dearest Anubis,
I ask please for your added blessings and protection
for around myself, my home and my Loved ones.
I call for your solid protection,
and ask that you help keep me always in the Light.
With harm to none, so mote it be, Blessed Be.”

See and feel Anubis with you, bringing his protective energy all around yourself and your home. Remember that the more we work with the same Deities, the more we build up a stronger connection with them and the more effective they can be for us. So don’t just call on Anubis once (or whichever Deity you like to use for protection – you can adjust this invocation for any other Deity you prefer), thank them and call on them often to build up your protection.

Alternatively if you don’t have the oils you could still use the invocation for Anubis and visualise him bringing his protective energy all around your home and loved ones and keeping everyone safe. xx