Auset Past Life Regression and Soul Healing

Auset Past Life Regression and Soul Healing

This article is about Past Life Regression and Soul Healing, as taught by Elizabeth Jensen, the Founder and Principal of Auset Temple Healing.

I recently had the pleasure of becoming certified as a Past Lives Soul Healing Alchemist by Elizabeth and want to share the benefits of this healing technique with you to address any questions or concerns you may have. Past Life Regression therapy is a common method of healing used by many therapists and healers, to address or heal physical or spiritual issues that you are having in this lifetime which may be the result of unresolved issues from past lives.

When I undertook Elizabeth’s course in Past Life Regression and Soul Healing, I had little knowledge of the process. Although I had been shown images of past lives during other courses and in meditation, healings and spiritual development classes, I had never undergone the techniques that Elizabeth taught me. My recall of past lives and violent deaths as a witch and various Egyptian and other lives was sporadic, superficial and insufficiently detailed, so offered me little opportunity for learning. Even repetitive dreaming only offered the same scenes, but no insight into the reasons I was being shown particular past life events.

To get the most out of this process, you need to have firstly had Auset Temple Healings with Alchemical Soul Healing or Auset Karmic Release. These healings help to prepare you for the past life journey, as do previous hypnotherapy sessions, although these aren’t essential. The process requires deep relaxation for effective Soul communication, so Elizabeth recommends that you start listening to her meditation CDs ‘Creating Angel Miracles’ and ‘Isis Lotus Healings’ prior to have the past life regression. This healing and meditation preparation helps to ensure that you receive as much benefit as possible out of this experience, making the journey not only worthwhile but incredibly healing and cleansing.

After your initial Auset Temple Healings and meditation practice, you can expect an appointment of around 3 hours for the past life regression and soul healing. Before the hypnosis induction, we will discuss your purpose for seeking the past life journey, and any questions that you may like to ask your Soul. Questions can be about your life purpose, your relationship issues or the cause of unresolved anxiety, illness or pain. Some people like to know about why they were born into their particular family, or why they have phobias about things like fire or heights. Others like to know about their financial, spiritual or financial blocks, or they seek to identify their most important life lessons. It is such a wonderful opportunity to ask your Soul questions, that it’s important that we spend time formulating these questions so that you get the answers you need.

After this discussion, you will lie on the healing table while I give you a short healing which helps to clear and relax you. I will then perform the hypnosis induction and move you through the past life regression, usually going back to two or sometimes three lives. During this hypnosis, you will be deeply relaxed but conscious, and will remember most or all that is said. You will not be asleep, as you will be aware that you are answering my questions, however you will feel very calm and peaceful afterwards, as if you have awakened from a deep sleep.

Following the past life journey, I will request to speak with your Soul and then ask the questions that we discussed earlier. Most people find that the Soul comes in quite easily, but if you have trouble relinquishing control, it may take a little more guidance, but it will happen. You will then have a short Soul Healing, which is really quite profound and beautiful, before being guided out of hypnosis and we will talk about your experience.

You will feel clear and calm and probably have some vivid memories of past lives that you didn’t have before you went on this journey. Speaking from personal experience, my memories were extremely vivid in the couple of weeks following the regression, but then faded once I had processed the learning attached to them. I found the whole experience highly beneficial, especially talking to the Soul and receiving the Soul Healing.

This is a gift to yourself that you may not have contemplated before, but I encourage you to consider it in future, especially if you have a curiosity about past lives and the impact they have on your current life, or if you are suffering anxiety, trauma or illness that you believe has a past life connection.

If you would like to experience this journey, or have any questions about this process, please contact Mystical Dragon or send me a message on my Facebook page: Earth’s Truth Soul Therapies.

Raylee is one of Mystical Dragon’s trusted and gifted consultants. She is a Reiki practitioner, Auset Temple healer, Bach Flower Essence practitioner, and certified Hypnotherapist who sees clients for readings, and healings.

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