Australian Bush Flower Essences

Australian Bush Flower Essences

Flower essences have been used for health and healing for centuries across many cultures, and there is a widespread belief that they were even used in Atlantis and Lemuria. The original people of Australia have always used flower and plant essences, as they were aware of the beneficial effects that could be gained from eating them, or from just sitting amongst them, absorbing the healing vibration. Other cultures including Egyptian, African & Malay used flowers to treat unbalanced emotional states, and during medieval times, Paracelsus collected the dew from flowers to treat his patient’s emotional imbalances.

Although some of the knowledge of the healing properties of flowers was lost during the last few centuries, the modern pioneer of flower essences, Dr Edward Bach, brought flower remedies back into use in the early 1900s. Bach’s remedies elicited potent healing effects, but it is now apparent that Bach’s remedies did not address some aspects of modern day society including communication, learning, sexuality, creativity and spirituality.

However, the Australian Bush Flower Essences address all of these aspects and as such, are an extremely powerful healing modality. The primary purpose of the Bush Flower Essences is to help people connect with their Higher Self. To this end, the essences act as catalysts to help bring harmony to your life by resolving negative emotional states. They allow you to move through states of being that have previously held you back, and bring you the clarity required to step into your personal power and change your life for the better.

I have been using these Essences for several years, and the results are constantly astounding. The essences help improve or release emotional states including anxiety, depression, low self esteem, self hatred, grief, panic, terror, despair, loneliness, guilt, and disconnectedness. They also help to address physical symptoms such as adrenal fatigue, lethargy, insomnia, high blood pressure, menopausal symptoms, or carer’s fatigue. One of my favourite essences, Fringed Violet helps to repair damaged auras and offers psychic protection, and this is particularly protective when used with Angelsword, which helps clear spiritual communication to your Higher Self. The essences can assist to release unresolved parental and karmic issues, and can treat difficult complex conditions by working one layer at a time.

There are multiple combination essences available that can be administered in specific situations. The most well known of these is Emergency Essence, which I have used before job interviews, surgery, uncomfortable meetings, after car accidents and traumatic events. Furthermore, I always treat my dogs with this Essence when they are sick or anxious and before they visit the vet. I even put it in their water if I know they will be alone too long, to minimise or eliminate the likelihood of them fretting. I have always had success with treating animals because they lack the preconceptions and bias that are inherent in most adults. This is why children also respond well to the essences, as do adolescents and young adults, especially with anxiety and self esteem issues.

If you believe that you could benefit from treatment with these essences, please contact me at Mystical Dragon to organise a consultation. This can be face to face, or by Skype or email. I use a short questionnaire and interview to perform an initial assessment, and then intuitively determine an appropriate treatment plan. The essences are more effective when treating one issue at a time, so you may require several different essence blends along the course of your treatment. The majority of people notice differences within a couple of days of commencing the essences, and I am sure you too could benefit from taking them. Please contact me at Mystical Dragon for a face to face consultation, or email me at:

Thank you to Ian White whose book ‘Australian Bush Flower Essences’, published by Findhorn Press in 1991 provided some of the historical information on flower essences used in this article.

Raylee is one of Mystical Dragon’s trusted and gifted consultants. She is a Reiki practitioner, Auset Temple healer, Bach Flower Essence practitioner, and certified Hypnotherapist who sees clients for readings, and healings. © Copyright to Raylee Pandur but this article may be reproduced and distributed provided the author is acknowledged.