Mystical Dragon’s Book of Shadows

Mystical Dragon’s Book of Shadows

Mystical Dragon is pleased to present our very own spell book! Here you will find spells written by Amanda Godfrey. Amanda is a White Witch, College Principal and founder of Mystical Dragon. She has developed much of the training available at Mystical Dragon College, teaches a variety of courses, leads Mystical Dragon’s Open Circles, and offers her magickal suggestions for the Full Moon and New Moon each month. Amanda regularly shares information through our newsletter and on Mystical Dragon’s facebook page, and now, in our Book of Shadows so you can easily return to the spells you find helpful. All our spells work from the perspective of White Witchcraft, with a focus of Harm None. We hope you enjoy.

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Personal Improvement

Add energy to various areas of your life such as communication, motivation and more!

Protection & Clearing Spells

Spells to add protection and help clear negative energies and curses.

Psychic Spells

To improve intuition and meditations plus strengthen connections to Divinities and the Universe.

Relationship Spells

Help strengthen or improve relationships with friends, family, partners and others.

Wealth & Manifesting Spells

Help bring money, success, improve your career or help create what you wish for.