Libra Bring Work/Life Balance Spell

A Spell to Help Bring Work/Life Balance

Libra Bring Work/Life Balance Spell can help you in seeking guidance and clarity to bring a better work/life balance into your life.

Best Timing

A Libra Full Moon is the ideal time for this spell but any time you need will work

Required Items

  1. A blend of herbs or incense you like which relaxes you (frankincense and lavender works well)
  2. A candle of choice (select a colour that resonates with you or use white if you are unsure)
  3. Your journal
  4. (optional) Divination tools to use

What to Do

Libra work life balance Spell

The Libra Moon is a good time to evaluate if we have balance in our life plus try to make changes to help create more balance if we feel it is needed. With so many of us working from home during COVID lock-down it is easy to have balance go out the window as we can end up working day and night or feeling trapped in one role continuously. Here is a super simple spell to help.

Create a little herbal blend to burn. Something that you like the smell of is best for this because this will help you relax. Lavender and Frankincense is a great blend if you aren’t sure. You can use dried herbs over a charcoal disk or you could just as easily select an incense stick to burn. Start your herbs or incense burning and take some nice deep breaths and centre yourself in the smoke and scent for a few minutes.

Set your chosen candle up on your altar or sacred space.

Bring Work/Life Balance Spell Invocation

Light your candle and say:

Gracious God and Goddess, guide me this Full Moon night,
 Please bring me peace and bring me guidance and light.
 Show me the ways of balance and harmony, peacefulness and ease.
 By the Power of the Moon, may all turbulence cease.
 With harm to none, so mote it be, Blessed Be.

As your candle burns down get settled to do some mediation, connecting with God and Goddess whom we’ve just invoked for help. Ask them to aid you reviewing where you’re putting your energies at present and what changes or blessings you need to be aware of. You might like to hold some crystals to help your clarity and connection for meditation, like Clear Quartz, Moonstone or Amethyst.

At the completion of your meditation, do some journal writing if you like and use a divination tool such as oracle cards for further clarity from the universe about your future. Be really specific when you shuffle and select your cards “please give me guidance on where I may need to make changes to create more balance in my life” or something similar. I like to use a three-card spread for this. I find it’s not too complicated but gives me enough guidance around my question to have a good sense as to what is needed.

Allow universe to guide you in this process and write down in your journal all the inspiration and messages that come through during this time. Your aim is to come up with a plan of action you can implement after your spell is complete, which will help you start to bring some more work/life balance for you. xx