Clarity of Mind Spell

Gain Clarity for Your Mind

How this Clarity of Mind Spell Can Help

This spell will assist you in having a clear and focused mind. Perfect to do if you have trouble quieting your mind or you are feeling scattered.

Best Timing

When the Moon is in Libra, Gemini or Aquarius is most ideal, or the New Moon will boost the energy for this spell.

Required Items

  1. Smudge Stick or another loose cleansing herb like Sage, Frankincense, Rosemary or Basil.
  2. If you use loose herbs at no 1 you will also need a charcoal disk
  3. A heat proof container to burn the herbs or catch the smudge stick ashes in.
  4. A Yellow candle (white candle is a good substitute).
  5. A Fluorite or Amethyst crystal (tumbled crystals work well, but any form will work).

What to Do

Gather your items together. Charge your candle by holding it between both hands for several minutes with your intent of having a clear and focused mind. Once your candle is charged do the same with your crystal. Then set your candle up in a holder on your altar or other sacred space. Place your crystal at the base of the candle.

Centre yourself with some nice deep breaths. Light the candle and say:

The Invocation

I call upon the power of Air,
 To clear my mind of clutter and confusion,
 To focus my thinking and clear all that keeps me from making good choices.
 Blow now winds of clarity,
 clear away all that no longer serves and aid me in thinking rationally and clearly.
 With harm to none, So Mote It Be.

Next light your chosen cleansing herb(s) and move yourself through the smoke, taking nice deep, even breathes, until you are feeling cleansed and more peaceful. Once you are feeling in a better place you might like to also clear the room or the whole house with your chosen herbs.

You can repeat the invocation or take some time to sit in meditation, to journal write or do some quiet contemplation while your candle burns all the way down. If you struggle with a busy mind when you sleep, after your spell is complete this is the perfect time to go to bed. You can carry the crystal you used in this spell which is now charged up to help with your clarity of mind for the coming days and weeks. xx