Clear Blockages Spell

Clear Blockages Spell

Best Timing

A Waning Moon is ideal, or any time you need it

Required Items

  1. Either loose Sage and a charcoal disk or a Sage Smudge Stick
  2. A white tealight candle
  3. Salt (rock salt or black salt is ideal, but any salt will work)
  4. A Selenite crystal stick or wand (or you can use a stick you have collected from nature)

What to Do

Close all the doors and windows in your home. Light your sage or smudge stick and walk through the whole of your home with the intent to cleanse all negative energy plus anything that blocks your way forward. Make sure you waft the smoke under beds, into wardrobes, etc so everything is blessed with sage’s cleansing energy. It is nice to call in Angels or Deity to assist with this cleansing and spend more time anywhere that feels dark or heavy.

While you do this you can announce “I release all that no longer serves me. May all negativity be dissolved and returned to light. Blessed Be.”

Once completed, open at least the front door and a few of the windows to let some light and fresh air in. This helps to seal the cleansing you have just done.

Then on your altar (or whatever feels appropriate in your home), place your candle with a generous circle of salt around it. Holding the selenite/stick/wand in one hand, light your candle and announce:
“May all negativity be dissolved and returned to light.
May the best way forward be lit up for me and every footstep be guided by Divine sources.
Blessed Be.”

Then visualise Angels (or Dragons or whatever energy resonates most with you) surrounding your home on all sides. See them pouring bright white light down upon you. Feel this energy penetrating every part of you and radiating out from you and through the whole of your home. Be open to any messages or guidance in whatever way they may come through to you while this is happening. You might like to purposely go into mediation at this point, or take some time for divination or journal writing or a combination of all of these.

Once your candle has burned out completely you can discard it along with the salt. Continue working with your selenite/stick/wand for the next 7 days or more, as you feel guided. It will have absorbed energy from your spell to assist you in moving forward. xx