Clear Communication Spell

A Spell for Clear Communication

This clear communication spell may assist you in being more clearly heard by others and to better express yourself to others.

Best Timing

A Gemini New Moon is ideal, or in the lead up to a Mercury Retrograde, or any time you need clear communication

Required Items

  1. A blue crystal (tumbled or rough). Blue Lace Agate, Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli or Blue Calcite are good options.
  2. A blue candle (white is a good substitute)
  3. Peppermint or Lavender essential oil
  4. A bowl of water (or trip to a natural water source)

What to Do

Find our video walkthrough for this spell here

Communication Spell

In the lead up to a Mercury Retrograde, I find this is a good spell to do. It is always my hope that by working on good communication before the retrograde we can say what needs to be said and organise ourselves well before we go into the actual retrograde where communication can often get muddy.

I have created a spell with two parts to it. You can use either part separately or you can use them both together as I am outlining here. It will depend on what you yourself feel called to do and what energy you need right now. For the first part you will only need the blue crystal. For the second part, you will need all the tools outlined above.

Part One

If you are able, take your crystal with you and visit a moving natural water source, like the ocean. If you aren’t able to go out, you may like to fill a bowl with water and sit outside in the garden to do this instead. Take time to connect to the water and to slow down. Perhaps put your feet, hands or fingers into the water or simply watch it moving and listen to the sounds the water creates (if you are using a bowl of water, put your fingers into it, create ripples in the water, listen to the dripping back in the bowl, etc).

Once you feel yourself relaxing you can start to bathe your crystal in the water. See any scattered or negative thoughts you may have been having recently being washed and cleansed along with your crystal. Allow what no longer serves you to be released – and even mentally ask the water to assist with this. Spend as much time as you need with this part, relaxing and releasing – emotions may surface too and this is perfectly natural. While you are doing this you could say something like:

“Crystal dear, lend me your power. Cleanse my thoughts in this time and hour.”

When you feel ready, take time to allow the crystal to air dry.

Part Two

Once you have returned home, take several minutes to charge your candle between both hands with the intent of clear communication. See yourself communicating effectively, being listened to and understood by others, having the right words to say, etc.

Anoint your candle using a circular motion starting at the bottom of the candle and working to the top. As you do this focus on your intent as you did while charging your candle.

When this is done, set your candle up on your altar or sacred space and place your crystal at its base. Light your candle and say:

“I now call the four elements on this Moonlit night.
On the wings of Gemini, effective communication is in sight.
May listening be amplified so what I say is heard.
May I always speak with no muddling of my word.
With harm to none so mote it be. Blessed Be.”

Allow your candle to burn all the way out and your crystal to charge up overnight. Then carry your crystal with you over the coming days and weeks when you need clear communication. xx