Clearing Fears and Blockages Spell

Clearing Fears and Blockages Spell

Best Timing

Full Moon or Waning Moon

Required Items

  1. Three white candles (wish candle size is good)
  2. Chamomile herb, dried
  3. Elder flower herb, dried
  4. A Mug or a bowl
  5. A Strainer
  6. Peppermint oil
  7. Image or statue of Goddess Hecate (optional)
  8. Paper and pen
  9. Cauldron or other heat proof container to burn paper in

What to Do

In your large mug or bowl make an infusion of Chamomile and Elder Flower by pouring boiling water over the herbs, allow it to steep until cooled, then strain the infusion taking out the herbs and keeping the liquid. Set the liquid aside as you will be using this in your bath.

Anoint all of your candles with the peppermint oil whilst focusing your intent of releasing fear and clearing the negative energies and blockages around you. Cover the whole candle with your oil working in a circular motion from the bottom of the candle to the top. See your life free of the past troubles. Acknowledge any Karmic lessons that may be the cause but don’t hold on to the old energy.

Set up your candles in candle holders and arrange them on your altar – but don’t light them yet. If you have an image or statue of Goddess Hecate you may like to put this out on your altar with your candles.

Light the first candle and taking the paper and pen sit and write down all of your fears and blockages. Write down the feelings connected to them as well. Write down incidents that most stick in your head and why. Write down everything that pops in until you feel you have exhausted this topic (you will likely literally feel physically exhausted at the end of this stage).

When you are ready take a moment to clear your head and be centred on your intent, then light the second candle and burn the paper(s) you have written on, leaving it to burn out completely in your cauldron. As you do so say:

I call on the Goddess Hecate,
  Help me be calm but strong.
  I do now acknowledge the fears and blockages within me.
  Help them be released,
  Shift all blockages that hold me stuck,
  So I can move forward free and empowered.
  Bring forth the blessings of love and success,
  And help me see the good already radiating through my life.
  With harm to none, so mote it be.
  Blessed Be

Pour yourself a nice warm bath. Add the herb infusion you created earlier into it and light the last candle.

Then bathe and soothe yourself and see your life full of positivity and light, without the stress and fears that have previously held you back, knowing that it is time for a new beginning. When the bath is finished, hop out and pull the plug. Watch the water leave the bath and acknowledge that as the water goes down the drain so does any last lingering negativity go with it. Leave your wish candles to burn out completely. xx