Clearing Negative Energy Leaf Spell

Clearing Negative Energy Leaf Spell

Best Timing

Waning Moon is great for this spell, all the better if it is in Autumn

Required Items

  1. Some large fallen leaves
  2. A texta
  3. A White or Black candle
  4. A cauldron or heat proof container

What to Do

A simple burning spell you can do for clearing negative energy is to gather a leaf or two, big enough that you can write a few words directly onto the surface. I find the Crone Goddesses are most helpful for clearing, releasing and seeking guidance for healing. This is Goddesses like Hecate, Cerridwen, Morrigan and Kali. So you could also choose a Crone Goddess to work with for this and have an image of your chosen Goddess as well.

Light your candle and say something like:

Dearest Hecate, Crone Goddess and Grandmother of the Moon!
 Wearing the black robe of night,
 the infinite mystery, within which all may be known.
 Hold high your lantern and share your light, healing and wisdom with me.

Take a moment to feel her energy before writing on your autumn leaf keywords connected to that which you want to dissolve/heal in your life. When ready, set the leaf a light from your candle and allow to burn in your cauldron/heat proof container.

Then when you are ready say:

I choose now to cut the cords that bind me.
 To release that which no longer serves me in my life.
 Bless me and guide me as this is now done.
 With harm to none, so mote it be. Blessed Be.

Meditate, journal write or take some quite time to reflect. Be open to the guidance that Goddess will bring through for you over the coming days and weeks to help you with your request. xx