Connect to Universal Love ritual

Universal Love is a powerful energy to connect to

When we connect to Universal Love we heal ourselves; can send healing to others; raise our vibration and open our heart for love from others.

Best Timing

The New Moon, especially if the Moon is in Aquarius, but can be done at any time.

Required Items

  1. A pink or white candle
  2. An incense stick (rose, frangipani, or lavender are ideal as they connect to the energy of love, but something you have on hand and enjoy the scent of will also work nicely)
  3. Some fresh flowers

What to Do

connect to universal love ritual

I invite you to join me in designating some time every day on the New Moon itself and the following six days to connect to Universal loving energy. It can be just a few minutes every morning or evening (or both), the goal is to keep a genuine focus for the time you dedicate to this. Alternatively, you can do this at any time, for one day, several days, or as a regular daily practise.

Check out my video explaining how to do this ritual, ways to adapt it and the many benefits of connecting to Universal Love.

Between two hands charge up the candle with your intention to feel and connect to Universal Love. You might also like to carve symbols into the sides that represent this to you. Such as love hearts, your initials or a heart embracing the Earth, etc.

Set up your candle and incense stick on your altar or other sacred space ready to light. Place your flowers in a vase nearby. Take a moment to contemplate your beautiful, bright flowers. See how they open themselves without struggle. They freely give joy and beauty. Envision your own heart and love unfolding in delicate, beautiful layers, just as the flower unfolds.

When you are ready, light your candle. As you do so, feel the energy of love ignited within you. See the flame flickering as a symbol of love burning within your heart. If you need to, think of a specific person that you know and love so that you can begin generating this loving feeling within you. Once this is established, see and feel the love overflow out of your heart and filling your whole being. At this time you may find yourself thinking loving and nurturing thoughts about yourself. This is perfect.

Next, light your incense and take a moment to get lost in its scent. Thank the element of Air while staying in touch with this loving energy within you. Notice there is now so much love being generated from your heart that it begins also moving on the air itself, like a gentle breeze, spreading outwards. Sense it overflow beyond you to begin lighting up the hearts of those you love and care for your family, friends, workmates, study mates, and beyond. Continue sensing this flow of loving energy as it is overflowing into people you don’t know plus the animals and the Earth herself, becoming a love for all people and all things.

See or feel the whole world filled with unconditional, universal love. Remember with unconditional, universal love there are no strings attached. We are not bound and nor is anyone else bound to us. We love without judgement and without conditions placed upon us. At this time you may find yourself thinking of loving and kind acts you could do to help others. This is perfect.

Sit in this energy as long as you wish. You might like to do some journal writing of your experience afterwards. Let the incense burn all the way out. Snuff your candle and use it again for the following six days, on the last day allowing it to burn all the way out.

Lastly, I would simply say to have fun with this. Love is joy and is the most powerful force on the planet. It can heal anything if we allow it. You may be very amazed how this simple process can change you and bring positive change into the world around you! Blessed be and much love sent to you. xx