Crystal Elixers

Audrey is one of Mystical Dragon’s trusted and gifted teachers. She is highly intuitive, a qualified Counsellor, Reiki master, and certified Hypnotherapist who sees clients for a variety of services including general and spiritual counselling, readings, and healings. Audrey is also a passionate teacher and currently trains Crystal, Tarot, Chakra, and Reiki courses.

Crystal Elixirs

Crystals have been around in our world for as long as mankind has existed as our amazing earth consists of layers upon layers of precious gems just waiting to be discovered. Crystals give off wonderful energy, blending beautifully with our own energies and this is why we connect so strongly with them. They form by absorbing the elements around us, soaking up the minerals and richness of the earth we live in, they are part of us so it makes sense that we feel that incredible attraction to them through sight and touch.

Most of us are attracted to crystals in the form of jewellery and admire their beauty but did you know they have healing properties too and are highly effective when used in meditation and healing. While it wouldn’t be advisable or sensible to rely solely on crystals for treating medical and emotional conditions, they do offer incredible support and give off waves of healing energy to assist us during the many varied situations throughout our individual life journeys. I have worked with crystals all of my life and use them every day in one form or another, in fact my day is not complete without some crystal therapy! I would like to share my love of crystals with you and pass on how to use crystal elixirs as they are fun and easy to prepare and perfectly safe to use.

As a general rule, matching colours of crystals with the colours of our chakras is a good guide as to what to use however as individual crystals give off particular healing energies, it is useful to get to know them on a deeper level to benefit to a far deeper and greater degree from their properties.

A crystal elixir is just one of the many methods of absorbing the healing waves of energy emanating from crystals and these elixirs can be used as drinks, sprays, bath soaks or applied topically. To make an elixir, you will need a clear quartz crystal point, a bottle/glass/jug of water and crystal/s of your choice. Place the clear quartz point facing towards the chosen crystal and then place the glass of water next in line. Leave the water for at least half an hour, overnight is ideal, before drinking or using. Please be aware that some crystals can be placed directly into your drinking water but there are others that are not advisable to use with this method because they contain minerals and compounds like aluminium or iron that can be toxic for our systems. Some crystals like selenite don’t like water and can be damaged, leaving them with a pitted surface or dulled sheen. To play it safe, it is advisable to use the “outside the glass” method of charging your elixir.

This charged elixir can then be used in a variety of ways. Drinking the elixir to absorb crystal healing into your system is a simple way of working with your chosen crystal although please start slowly when drinking elixirs as they can be very effective. Just one glass a day to see how it affects you is advisable. Some people find the elixirs too strong for their systems and prefer other methods of crystal absorption. Applying the elixir topically as a skin tonic or soother feels beautiful and refreshing on the skin as does adding the water to your bath or foot spa. Filling a spray bottle to use on yourself or around the room effectively surrounds yourself or your home/office with the properties of your crystal/s. If you are just using your elixir as a room spray or in the bath/foot spa, adding a drop or two of your favourite essential oil adds a touch of luxury and adds another dimension to the sensory experience.

So now you know how to make and use an elixir, what crystals should you use? The answer is anything you like! There are hundreds of crystals to choose from and it can be overwhelming to know where to start so it is best to consider what your needs are and choose accordingly. At this time of year, there are so many coughs and colds around so an effective drinking elixir would be clear quartz point, carnelian, aventurine and green moss agate. Carnelian and aventurine are excellent general healers and green moss agate works well with the chest and lungs, aiding with infections and helping with congestion. Blue crystals such as lapis lazuli and blue lace agate are natural throat healers so effective for those winter sore throats. For migraines and sinus pains, amethyst and jet will clear, calm and refresh. A wonderful immune booster is clear quartz, carnelian, bloodstone, malachite and sunstone, bringing strength and a wonderful uplifting energy to the immune system.

I have shared here just a few recipes and blends but there are hundreds more to try out. Keeping a crystal elixir recipe book is a great idea and writing down your crystal experiences in a journal is a good way to learn and grow with your crystals as you find out what works for you and what doesn’t. I hope you will enjoy experimenting with the healing properties of crystal elixirs and have fun getting to know our Earth’s treasures!

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