Crystal Knowledge course

Crystal Knowledge online course: live event

Many people love the look and feel of crystals but don’t actually realise that their stunning piece of stone has a vast untapped reservoir of energy just waiting to be used! Crystals can be used to help the healing process along, for meditation, for boosting confidence, increasing money flow, aiding protection and so much more! It takes conscious effort to open your heart and mind to the energy of crystals and the amazing power they hold. It is not something that necessarily comes ‘naturally’ to everyone, but effectively working with crystals is certainly something that can come through experience and knowledge.

Come and learn the secrets to getting the most out of your crystals. This course will give you some great knowledge of purchasing crystals, how to work with your chosen crystals, and getting the most benefit from them.

Bookings need to be made no later than 5 pm Friday May 15. Your confirmation email will contain the link to join and your workbook to print. We are using a program called “Zoom”. Zoom is free for you to access the group meeting you are invited to. At a minimum, you need a computer with a webcam and speakers, a tablet or smartphone, plus internet access. You can speak or type to chat online to ask questions or share your thoughts to the group.

Crystal Knowledge online course

  • 10am-12pm Saturday May 16, 2020

Course Overview

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  • $40 course fee

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  • PayPal (account or credit card)
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Enrolment Eligibility

  • No Restrictions

What is Provided

  • Pdf workbook
  • Live online experience
  • A meditation to download

What to Bring

  • Pen and Paper

Course Duration

  • 2 hours

Course Capacity

  • Open

Next Course

  • 10 am – 12pm
    Saturday May 16, 2020


Your Mentor

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This course is a prerequisite for studying any of the Healing Power of Crystals courses with Mystical Dragon. You can undertake this course as an individual course or follow it up with ANY of the Healing Power of Crystals courses.

Course Topics

  • What crystals are and how they work
  • Different crystal formations and the best ways to use
  • Choosing the right crystal(s) for you
  • Cleansing and programming your crystals
  • ‘Tricks’ of the crystal industry you should avoid
  • Some practical ways to use and work with your chosen crystal(s)
  • Connecting crystals to the chakras
  • Crystal elixirs; what they are, how to make them, plus recipes to try
  • Find out what crystals not to put in water
  • Learn about some of the man made crystals

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About Your Facilitator


Amanda Godfrey is the founder of Mystical Dragon. Fascinated with crystals from an early age Amanda has now been studying and working with crystals for many years. During those years she has worked closely with reputable crystal wholesalers and crystal miners. She found people often asked her to identify crystals or give advice on their use. This prompted Amanda to develop her crystal courses to help others understand and appreciate the many types and uses of crystals.

Amanda is excited to share her passion and knowledge of crystals with you.

I consider crystals friends that I work with all the time. Carrying them with me, creating elixirs for health, adding them to charm bags, positioning them around the house for protection, and so much more! They work in such beautiful and subtle ways and are just amazing to look at and feel the energy emanating from.

Amanda Godfrey

Important Notices

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