The Crystal Power of Serpentine Workshop

Discover How Serpentine Can Enhance Your Life

crystal power of serpentine
Tumbled Serpentine

Have you ever picked up a crystal book, looked at the page of information on a crystal, and still wondered how to use it? In this Crystal Power of Serpentine workshop, we will look into ways you can use these two crystals effectively. See and feel some different Serpentine first hand too. Discuss practical ways you can use your Serpentine to help you achieve certain results you are looking for. Discover other crystals Serpentine works well with, which help amplify certain properties. You will go away feeling energised and confident about working with this crystal going forward.

Serpentine is a fascinating crystal. Serpentine carries within it the matrix of evolution for the Earth herself. Helping us to connect with the devic, plant, animal and mineral kingdoms.  Plus a powerful healer for us to work with. In this workshop, we will also explore the properties of Infinite Stone and Atlantasite.

The Crystal Power of Serpentine Workshop

  • 7:00 pm-9:00 pm, Tuesday, July 19, 2022

The Crystal Power of Serpentine Overview

Enrolment Eligibility

  • Crystal Knowledge workshop

$40 Cost consists of

  • $20 enrolment
  • $20 balance

Payment Methods

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What is Provided

  • A Serpentine crystal
  • Printed workbook
  • Light refreshment

What to Bring

  • Pen and paper
  • Water

Workshop Duration

  • 2 hours

Workshop Capacity

  • 14 students

Next Workshop

  • July 19, 2022
    7:00 pm to 9:00 pm


  • Mystical Dragon College
    22 Heversham Drive
    Seaford (S.E. Melbourne)
    Victoria Australia 3198
  • Phone: 03 9782 5091

Your Mentor

Your crystal power of rhodonite and rhodochrosite mentor Laura


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To get the most out of class and to help raise your vibrations, it is recommended that you:

  • only have a light meal
  • avoid too much caffeine
  • drink plenty of water

Crystal Power of Serpentine Topics

  • General information about Serpentine
  • A channelled message from Serpentine
  • Ways to cleanse Serpentine and those to avoid
  • Specimens of Serpentine will be on display
  • A guided meditation to help connect you to Serpentine
  • Practical things to do with Serpentine and its properties

This workshop is designed to help you understand and connect with the crystal Serpentine. Be introduced to practical ways to help you in healing, plus connect with the devic, plant, animal and mineral kingdoms. Feel confident in using Serpentine in your life.

Intellectual Property Rights

All material created for use in this course/workshop was written and developed by Amanda Godfrey and remains the property of Amanda Godfrey, who retains all intellectual property rights. The use of such material by authorised Mystical Dragon teachers/facilitators for educational and administrative purposes at premises sanctioned by Mystical Dragon is permitted. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, no portion of the provided course/workshop material may be reproduced or distributed.

About Your Facilitator


Laura has always felt drawn to crystals. Her crystal collection began at a very early age. In her youth, connecting with these gems was very much an intuitive process. So much so, she wasn’t conscious of just how deep her affinity with them reached. There were times when she needed one for a specific purpose and the name of the perfect stone would pop into her head. Quite often, they were ones Laura wasn’t aware of. Through her healing and psychic development process Laura’s connection with Earth’s treasures has grown. Laura’s study of crystals and various healing modalities has triggered a remembering and acknowledgement of that which has always been there, albeit unrecognised. Laura works with crystals in her intuitive healing sessions and in every aspect of her life.