Diet Spell

A Spell to Assist you to Lose Weight

How this Diet Spell Can Help

This spell will assist you in losing weight and following a healthy eating and/or fitness plan

Best Timing

A Virgo Full Moon or New Moon or a Waning Moon is the ideal time to do this spell

Required Items

  1. Yellow ribbon or cord (you can use another colour if it speaks to you more for this focus)
  2. Yellow candle and candle holder (pink or white is a good a substitute)

What to Do

Some time ago I read about some knot magick which was for getting healthy. I jotted down the bones of what I had read and then re-worked it to what I am giving you here.

PLEASE NOTE, I don’t believe that this spell by itself is going to have you toned up and eating better! But I do believe that in combination with a healthy diet and positive focus this spell will certainly help you to stay on track to get to become healthier. Remember that all spells should have a ‘spiritual plan’ we are working with in combination with our spell. So healthy eating and exercise would need to be on the agenda along with your spell (a good aim would be to start these things at the completion of your spell).

Gather your items. Wrap your ribbon or cord around your waist like you are taking your measurement. This gives you the length of your ribbon/cord to use for the spell. Charge up your candle between two hands, seeing yourself with your dream body, feeling how healthy you are, seeing it all happening so easily for you, etc. Take a good few minutes to do this, seeing and feeling yourself healthy and happy.

Next place your candle in a candle holder on your altar or sacred space. Centre yourself before lighting your candle.

Pick up your ribbon/cord and as you announce each knot verbally you want to actually make a knot in your ribbon/cord (you could also add beads or crystals between your knots if you wanted to as well). You want your knots to be roughly evenly spaced.

The Invocation (Feel free to tweak the words to suit):

By the knot of one, my overeating is done. (tie a knot)
 By the knot of two, exercise I regularly do. (tie a knot)
 By the knot of three, I eat fat free. (tie a knot)
 By the knot of four, I hydrate more. (tie a knot)
 By the knot of five, feeling more alive! (tie a knot)
 By the knot of six, my metabolism does fix. (tie a knot)
 By the knot of seven, treating my body like heaven. (tie a knot)
 By the knot of eight, being healthy is my fate. (tie a knot)
 By the knot of nine, success is mine! (tie a knot)
 As I will it, so mote it be. BLESSED BE!

Lay your ribbon, which should now have 9 knots in it, around your candle in a circle (but not so close you might set it on fire). Let your candle to burn all the way out. Once the candle is finished I like to leave everything in place until the next morning, so the ribbon can charge up properly.

When the spell is complete it is up to you what you do with your knotted ribbon/cord. You could hang it somewhere (like in the kitchen) to remind you of your focus when you are planning and making meals. You could hang it where you do exercise or carry it on your person. You could hang it in your bedroom or create a special little altar for your health which you add your ribbon to along with other things that represent what you are doing for your health – such as an image of yourself when you were your ideal weight previously, or an image of someone else as you wish to be, a piece of Rose Quartz crystal, etc (remember an altar like this should contain some self-love to help you get to your goal). xx