Dragon DNA Awakening course: Find your Inner Power

Awaken your Dragon DNA and Reconnect with your Inner Power

Dragon DNA workshop

Dragon DNA Awakening course reconnects you to your inner power in a very powerful way. Find your inner power and embrace it so you can walk your truth, understand who you are, and why you feel the way you do. Then unlock your DNA shift and learn ways to continue to support it. Connecting with your inner power is connecting to your strength and wisdom, strengthening your connection back to source. It is connecting to those parts of you which are beyond your physical human shell.

Do You Identify with Being Dragon?

Are you visited regularly by Dragons and find they refer to you as one of their own? Do you identify with not only working with Dragons but also with BEING Dragon? Does it feel as though something powerful and not of this world is within you? Are you of Dragon blood? If you answered yes to any of these questions you are likely one of a growing number who identifies with being of Dragon blood who have chosen to reincarnate on Earth at this time to aid the evolution of the human race. Massive shifts are occurring on planet Earth, as a result, Dragons are bringing their wisdom and energy to assist.

As lightworkers, light warriors and earth healers we have chosen to come to Earth in this time of shifting and changing to help. Our roots are Dragon and many of us do not feel like we belong here or haven’t felt like we have belonged here most of our life. We feel different. We have been looking for someone like us for a very long time.

In this course revisit your home in the Dragon realms and reconnect to your soul purpose. You will find this course connects you to your time before Lemuria.

Dragon DNA Awakening course

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This course only runs ONCE A YEAR!

Dragon DNA Awakening Course Overview

Enrolment Eligibility

$330 Cost consists of

  • $100 enrolment fee
  • $230 course balance

Payment Methods

  • PayPal (account or credit card)
  • Cash, VISA, or MasterCard

What is Provided

  • Printed workbook
  • Energy attunements
  • Dragon gifts
  • Light refreshment

What to Bring

  • Your Dragon stone
  • Pen and paper

Course Duration

  • 2 days

Course Capacity

  • 10 Students

Next Course

  • To Be Announced


  • Mystical Dragon College
    22 Heversham Drive
    Seaford (S.E. Melbourne)
    Victoria Australia 3198
  • Phone: 03 9782 5091

Your Mentor

Your Dragon DNA Awakening mentor Amanda


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Dragon DNA Awakening Course Topics

  • Be anointed by a powerful oil channelled by the Dragons and designed to clear blockages and aid your connection to your inner knowledge and truth
  • Connect to Dragons through meditation
  • Voice channelling of a Dragon by Amanda
  • Further teachings about the Dragons
  • Take a trip home to the Dragon realms and reconnect with your kin
  • Discover your Dragon name, which will help reconnect you to your Dragon power
  • Experience an attunement to help awaken your Dragon DNA
  • Find out more about why the Dragons are reincarnating on the Earth at this time and how you fit into this picture
  • Be introduced to a mighty Celestial Dragon who wishes to aid your spiritual acceleration

About Your Facilitator

The world of Dragons has fascinated and enchanted Amanda since she was a young child. Books and movies like the Mists of Avalon, Dragonheart and Eragon have long had an overwhelming connection for her. Having the gift of clairvoyant sight since childhood it was little wonder that Amanda soon began to catch sight of these magnificent beasts around her. Amanda also found the connection was greater than just having Dragons around her as friends to help her. She felt such a strong connection to them and even had moments when she was aware of Dragon wings protruding out of her shoulder blades and experienced past lives and meditations where she actually WAS a Dragon. The more she connected with this energy the more this connection made sense to her and the stronger the knowing became. In 2013 Amanda found the messages grew infinitely stronger and more frequent and the urge to spread the word about the Dragon realms became overwhelming. She is very excited to be able to present this course to you!