Element Clearing and Healing Spell

Clear and Heal Yourself Using the Four Elements

Help release all that no longer serves you using the four elements. When you are clear you are able to embrace new energies and opportunities as they arise

Best Timing

Full Moon or New Moon (especially if combined with an eclipse), Waning Moon or any time you feel you need this

Required Items

clearing and healing spell
  1. A cleansing herb or resin to burn over a charcoal disk (such as frankincense, sage or dragonsblood) OR incense stick
  2. A candle (any type or colour works for this spell as it doesn’t have to burn out completely)
  3. A bowl of salt (any type of salt – rock salt, Himalayan salt, black salt or table salt)
  4. A bowl of water (collect from a natural water source if you can, but from the tap works too)
  5. A healing crystal to carry afterwards is optional, we suggest Rose Quartz, Kambaba Jasper, Ocean Jasper or Snowflake Obsidian

What to Do

Collect all the items you need, lay them out on your altar or sacred space and then get yourself settled and centered with some nice deep breaths.

Element Air

When you are ready light the incense stick or charcoal disk with herbs. Allow it to start generating smoke then hold your hands in the smoke and say:
“With Air I do cleanse myself”

Let the smoke twirl around your fingers for a few minutes. Feel the cleansing properties of the herbs envelope you and begin working to clear you of anything that no longer serves you. 

Element Fire

When you are ready, light your candle and hold your hands above it (at a safe distance) and say:
“With Fire I do cleanse myself”

Feel the gentle warmth of the flame. Take several minutes to visualise the flame moving through you, slowly burning away anything unwanted or no longer needed within you.

Element Earth

When you are ready take the salt and begin gently rubbing it between your fingers or hands and say:
“With Earth I do cleanse myself”

Be aware of the salt on your skin and once more be aware of the cleansing energy working and gently moving through you. It is shifting anything that no longer serves you or is ready to be released.

Element Water

Dip your hands or fingers into the bowl of water, gently rubbing your hands together and feeling the water. When ready say:
“With Water I do cleanse myself”

Feel or visualise the water energy flowing through you from head to toe, washing you and shifting all that needs to go.

When you feel satisfied you have connected with all four elements individually, dry your hands.

Clearing Spell Invocation

When you are ready say:
“By the grace of the God and Goddess, I request that any energy, circumstance, or situation that no longer serves me be released. I thank you for your lessons but I request all energetic ties and permissions be dissolved and cleared now. You are released and must now go. With harm to none, blessed be.”

Close your eyes and sit in silence for a few minutes more while you let all of the elements plus God and Goddess to work to clear you in combination. At this time be open to the energy and any messages that might come through to you. You may see colours, or images, hear words and feel emotions. You may feel things shifting or feel lighter, etc. You may even feel the need to say this statement more than once, or more words may surface that you need to speak, etc. Trust your intuition on what you need here. Allow whatever needs to occur for you.

Healing Spell Invocation

Lastly, when you are ready say:
“By the grace of the God and Goddess I request healing and light please. May I be filled with Source light and given guidance for the next step. I give thanks and gratitude, blessed be.”

This time visualise healing energy and light radiating down through the top of your head and filling you up completely. If you are trained in a healing modality you may also like to give yourself some hands-on healing while this is occurring. Be open to the experience once again allowing any words, images, or inspiration to come through during this time.

Journal writing or soaking in a bath are perfect to follow on from this spell. Carry a nurturing crystal, like Rose Quartz, Kambaba Jasper, or Ocean Jasper is ideal to aid the releasing process too.