Forgiveness Spell

Forgiveness Spell

Best Timing

Aquarius Moon is ideal, but this spell can be done at any time.

Required Items

  1. Paper and pen
  2. Black or Pink ribbon (paper ribbon is ideal for this)
  3. A Black Obsidian crystal (tumbled works well)
  4. A cauldron or heat proof container

What to Do

We’ve all had bad relationships in our lives, whether it’s been in a romance, with someone you work with, a friend or family member. Sometimes things happen in these relationships that leave us with negative feelings like guilt, anger and resentment. We might not be able to heal the relationship with that person, but we can do work on healing ourselves. And forgiving ourselves is part of the healing.

Write down on a piece of paper all of the negative feelings you have regarding a particular relationship – if there is more than one you wish to work on, focus on one at a time (you might even want to do them on different nights depending how emotional it is). No one else will read this, so don’t be afraid to admit all aspects in what you write. Sometimes this is the hardest part – admitting you were wrong or feel bad for some aspect of the situation, etc.

Once it is all written down – however long or short it is – roll the paper up and tie it with a black or pink ribbon (paper ribbon is great for this).

Then hold in your hands a piece of black obsidian and charge it up with the feelings, words and impressions from what you have written. Mentally ask your crystal to help with the healing process, then place your paper in a fireproof container and set it on fire.

Next The Invocation

Blessed Goddess,
 Mother unto all,
 healer and inspiration.
 I invoke your magick this night.
 These feelings had taken over making my heart heavy and sad.
 Burn them away now,
 I release and remove them.
 Help to cleanse my heart and soul.
 Allow my heart to forgive and heal.
 For I love myself, and I love my life.
 With thanks and harm to none, so mote it be.

Watch your paper burn and ensure it is burnt through properly. Sprinkle the ashes in the garden or somewhere that feels appropriate to you and as you do, acknowledge you have released this. xx