The Friendship of Tree Spirits

The Friendship of Tree Spirits

Today I wanted to talk about Tree Spirits; which are otherwise known as Dryads. Tree Spirits are beautiful to work with and have a lot of spiritual teaching and healing to provide to us. First of all I wanted to share with you some of my experiences of working with tree spirits and some of the lessons they have shared with me in my life.

When I was quite young, I was already able to see auras. One of the things I really enjoyed doing, especially at night time, was going outside into the backyard and singing to the trees and watching them sing back in colours; as they would flash and pop wonderful colours in their auras. This was my first experience realising that trees and Trees Spirits communicate with us. I consider myself very lucky to have this as my introduction to working with Tree Spirits.

There was a particular Ash tree in my parents backyard when I was growing up and I would climb this Ash tree and stay for many hours sitting in the branches. I would love most of all just feeling this Tree Spirit’s energy seeping into my back along my spine as a lay on the branch. I came to know this tree as Gia’hdiel. She was a wonderful caring and patient spirit and would always offer me healing. Years later, when I moved out of home to start renting for the first time, I had left the house and moved without informing Gia’hdiel that I was no longer going to be living there. A month later my dad informed me that this beautiful Ash tree had suddenly dropped all its leaves and started to become very sickly. I realised then that this Tree Spirit was grieving for the fact I was gone and had not told her I was going away. I spent time at my parents place with this tree meditating with her and communicating to her that she could find me by following the roots and connections in the soil to where I was living in my new home. The following months this beautiful Ash tree began to regrow and return to full health. I never explained to my dad I knew the reason why the Ash tree became sick and, to this day it’s one of those unexplained things for my family.

This experience helped me to really understand what it means about loving and connecting and respecting nature. Where we put our heart and soul out into the world around us we find that the love comes back to us and that we are missed when our love and light is not shared. Since this experience, every time I move to a new home, I make a big deal about connecting with the trees to say good-bye and to greet those that are already established at the place I’m planning to move to. On more than one occasion, the trees that I have connected with at my properties have either helped me get the property, protected my property from wild storms (falling branches) and ensured the psychic and energy protection of my home.

Before I was renting in Nunawading I had done my usual thing of introducing myself to the trees before applying to rent the place. I succeeded in getting the rental property and on the day that I was moving in the doorbell kept ringing by itself. Every time I checked in, I realise that it was the Tree Spirit connected to the Birch tree at the very front of the property. This lively Tree Spirit was announcing to everyone (and literally ringing bells) that he was happy about me moving in. It was truly funny as I had people helping me and they all kept freaking out as the doorbell kept ringing on and off again all day – and when they ran to answer it ‘no-one’ was there.

At the same property in the backyard there was quite an old Apple tree that had become twisted. Someone had put wire around it and as the tree grew the wire dug into the trunk. When I connected with this particular Apple Tree Spirit he wasn’t very happy and had a grumpy old man type energy. He was nowhere near as excited as the Tree Spirit from the front yard. While I was living there, I made a lot of effort to give energy healing, Reiki and spent time simply listening to the Apple tree. During my house inspections, the Estate Agent would comment she had been looking after this property for years, and had never seen the Apple tree flower or bear fruit and that I was the only tenant where that had happened.

For me, this was a sign that this grumpy Tree Spirit was feeling happier and better for the energy, love and attention I gave him. In the many hours that I sent listening to this Apple Tree Spirit, he taught me about growing through pain and continuing on despite the pain of circumstances you can’t run from. His wisest lesson was about understanding that while our scars may shape how we might appear to others; it’s really what is on the inside and what we have learned from our experiences that makes us who we truly are.

So if you’re interested in connecting with trees; the simplest thing that you can do is go and hug a tree, sit under a tree and start choosing to listen and make yourself present to trees. Tree Spirits have a completely different time scale of experience compared to ours and it takes a lot of patience on our part to slow down and to listen at their pace.

That is the first lesson that many of the Trees Spirits give: “slow down and be present in this moment”. If you know energy healing or Reiki you can offer and transfer positive energy, love and cleansing. Doing these things are great ways to work energetically with trees. Another way that you can connect with trees is to pay them common courtesies, like informing them before you prune and give them at least a days notice so that they can withdraw their energy from the branches that you indicated you plan to prune. Other things that you can do for trees is make offerings which can include blessing water, soil or compost and putting that at the base of the tree. You can even charge and bless crystals and place or bury these at the base of the tree.

You can even ask your Tree Spirit friend if there is anything that they would like from you and if it is in your power offer it to them. Quite often you’ll find that the request they have for you is to spend more time sitting under their leaves, feeling their healing energy and listening to their words of wisdom.

May you develop many wonderful and long friendships with Tree Spirits.

Love and Light, Jennifer

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Jennifer, founder of ‘Light Dynamics’, a system of Healing and Spiritual Awakening, is one of Mystical Dragon’s trusted and gifted Psychic Development teachers. She is also a highly intuitive Spiritual Healer and Clairvoyant who provides clearing of negative energies, protection, healing, and reading services to clients.