Full Moon Spell: Expansion and Growth

A Spell to Help Expansion and Growth in Your Life

Decide what you would like to expand in your life (perhaps a job you want to get promoted in, a house you want to renovate, your intuitive abilities you want to improve, a business you want to grow, etc). Or you could make your focus expanding your life in the best positive direction for your highest good. We are going to work with Archangel Zadkiel, who is connected to the planet Jupiter, a planet of expansion that is also connected to the sign of Sagittarius. Zadkiel is an Archangel of goodness, grace, generosity, and mercy. He helps to bestow benevolence, good fortune and justice on those who request it. Zadkiel is also connected to the Violet Flame.

Best Timing

A Full Moon is the ideal time for this spell

Required Items

  1. A card, picture, sigil, or statue of Archangel Zadkiel (optional)
  2. Frankincense incense or resin to burn on a charcoal disk
  3. A red or orange candle
  4. A crystal of expansion (Amethyst, Orange Calcite, Snowflake Obsidian, Lava rock, Desert Rose, Caribbean Calcite, Red Jasper, or Noble Shungite)

What to Do

Full Moon Spell for expansion and growth

When you are ready to begin, start burning your frankincense. Carve on your candle a spiral image and a keyword connected to what you wish to expand in your life. For example, “psychic” for intuitive expansion, “home” or “house” for something like renovation, etc. Make sure to start your spiral from the center and work out, thinking about expansion and growth. Then hold your candle between both hands and charge it up with your intent, seeing, feeling, and affirming it as though it has already happened. Do this also with your chosen crystal.

Set your candle up in its holder on your altar or sacred space with the crystal at its base and your image of Archangel Zadkiel nearby.

Full Moon Spell Invocation

Centre yourself, light the candle and say:

Dearest Archangel Zadkiel,
Bring your blessings of abundance and expansion to me now,
Help guide me to the best possible opportunities for my life,
That I may grow in love and strength,
And that I may succeed most especially in [insert your focus here].
With your guidance and healing I know I will flourish.
With harm to none, so mote it be.
Blessed Be.

Leave your candle to burn all the way out. You might like to journal write, meditate, moon gaze, soak in a bath, etc while it is burning down. Once your candle has finished burning down and your spell is completed, do some wax scrying of any wax that is left over. And carry your crystal on you and/or sleep with it across the coming weeks following your spell to help keep the energy of expansion and Archangel Zadkiel’s connection strong with you. xx