Gratitude Jars

Audrey is one of Mystical Dragon’s trusted and gifted teachers. She is highly intuitive, a qualified Counsellor, Reiki master, and certified Hypnotherapist who sees clients for a variety of services including general and spiritual counselling, readings, and healings. Audrey is also a passionate teacher and currently trains Crystal, Tarot, Chakra, and Reiki courses.

Gratitude Jars

When I was a child, my Grannie Clara was a fountain of wisdom and faith to me and there are so many lessons she taught me through the years. One, in particular, has been a life-changer for me. Grannie gave me the gift of gratitude. She taught me to be aware of those moments in life which are true blessings from above and from the world around us. Grannie said every time you have one of those moments, catch it in your hand and place in your heart, then every night when you go to sleep you will have a heart full of gratitude and sleep peacefully, awake with a good attitude and be prepared to recognise and grasp the day’s gratitude moments. It’s such a beautiful act, simple and yet so effective.

These days we live such busy lives, trying to balance parenthood, relationships, work and our own spiritual growth all at the same time and it can leave us exhausted and with little time to stop and smell the roses. However, taking just a few minutes to grasp those small gratitude moments in our day can be so beneficial. Gratitude allows us to move forward, to absorb events, people and situations with a kinder and more understanding heart. Gratitude allows us to love the life we live. Gratitude allows us to breathe and JUST BE.

Every year, I have a Gratitude Jar or Box and each day I write down something that I was grateful for that day and place it in my jar. Those moments can be anything that connected with your heart and soul and made you feel blessed. Some may say they don’t feel like that, they have nothing good in their lives and have nothing to be grateful for but therein lies the lesson. Take the time to allow yourself to connect to people, to places, to events and to life.

A walk on the beach on a beautiful day, soaking up that wonderful sea air and energy is a grateful moment. Sharing happy moments and laughs with your children/family/friends/work colleagues is something to be grateful for. Gratitude can be spiritual, emotional or very practical. Finding the last car spot in an otherwise full car park is a grateful moment! Going to the supermarket and having so much food on offer is most definitely a grateful moment and one taken so much for granted.

When you have moments of sadness or worry, loneliness or heartbreak, read the contents of your gratitude jar. It will lift your soul and bring about the firm realisation that life is very beautiful and blessed in a million ways every single day.

Gratitude is in every second of every minute of every day. We just need to be aware and see those moments with clarity and appreciation.

Waking up every day to live another treasured and precious day is the ultimate gratitude moment. Allow your heart and soul to embrace your life and all the many moments which make it whole.

What is your gratitude moment today?

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