Happy Home Spell

A Spell to help create a Happy and Peaceful Home

This happy home spell will assist you in adding positive and calm energy to your home to help create a positive, calm and happy space.

Best Timing

A Full Moon is ideal, or any time you feel the need

Required Items

  1. Some Meadowsweet loose herb
  2. A blue, yellow or white candle
  3. Marjoram essential oil
  4. A piece of rose quartz, blue lace agate or blue calcite crystal

What to Do

You can purchase a spell pack with the items you need for this spell and written instructions.

Altar Of Happy Home Spell

While we may not be in control of a whole lot that goes on outside our home, we are in control of ourselves and our space inside our home. So it is good to put some energy into our space to help create a positive, calm and happy space. In this way we can be more relaxed within ourselves, sleep better and approach the day with a more positive attitude.

Part One

Start by creating a ‘home altar’. What is a home altar? This is a small table, or similar, purposely filled with items representing those positive energies you want to fill your home with. It can contain anything that makes sense to you and represents what you would like to fill your home with. A great starting point is a photo or two of your family and/or household members. My boys helped me set up ours. We have a rose quartz heart for love, a Dragon statue for protection, an abundance bowl to represent money flow, a toy car representing regular travel (once we’re allowed), there’s an oracle card for good health, and we purposely picked a photo where we were doing something fun to represent fun and happy energy.

Pick out what is important to you and find those things that make sense to represent them to put on your altar. Truly, the sky is the limit, there are no hard and fast rules for your home altar.

Part Two

Gather all the items for your spell. Hold your candle in both hands for several minutes and while you do this in your mind’s eye see your home filled with positive energy, everyone happy and smiling. Feel what it feels like when your home is happy, positive, and full of joy. Affirm this intent, perhaps repeating a positive statement to yourself over and over. Once you have finished doing this with your candle, put it down and pick up your crystal, doing the same see/feel/affirm holding the crystal. Follow this with your herb, perhaps running your fingers through your herb while you see/feel/affirm this intent.

Next, anoint the candle with some Marjoram oil, and while your candle is still damp, immediately roll it in the Meadowsweet. Place your candle in its holder on your home altar or other sacred space. Place the crystal at the base of the candle. When you are ready, center yourself then light the candle, and as you do visualize your home filled with joy and love.

O Goddess; caring and loving,
O God; strong and protective,
Visit this home and keep it safe.
Bless it by grace and love divine,
May all within prosper and be happy,
So that wisdom and joy can prevail here always.
With harm to none so mote it be. Blessed Be.

Leave your candle to burn all the way out somewhere safe. This takes about two hours using a wish candle. Any leftover Meadowsweet could be burned on a charcoal disk while your candle burns down or sprinkled out in the garden. While the candle burns down you could do a fun activity with the members of your household to help ignite the spirit of what you are asking for with your spell. Perhaps a board game, a movie, or cooking a meal together? Alternatively, if you live alone you could create a vision board, watch a funny show or soak in the bath. xx