Healing Grief Spell

A Spell to Assist Healing Grief

How this Grief Healing Spell Can Help

This spell is good for sending healing to another who is struggling with grief. It can also be adapted to use to help in healing your own grief.

Best Timing

A Full Moon or Waning Moon is good timing for this spell.

What You Need

  1. A pink or white candle (a wish candle is good)
  2. Rose Quartz and/or Black Obsidian crystal
  3. A photo of the person you wish to send the healing to

Putting Your Healing Grief Spell Together

Firstly, charge the candle between two hands with your intent to help heal this person. See them happy, smiling and enjoying life again. Charge your crystal in the same way and the photo of the person in the same way too. Set up your candle on your altar or sacred space. Place the photo under or beside your candle. Add your crystal so that it sits at the base of the candle.

Centre yourself and when ready light the candle and say:
“Gracious Lord and Lady, you who were at the beginning of the world and who commands the energies of love, peace and healing. Please bless this medicine I now send so that it brings powerful positive energies to those who I intend. For I believe that (name of person) deserves health, happiness and joy. With harm to none, so mote it be. Blessed be.”

Leave the candle to burn all the way out. After the candle is finished you could do one of two things:

  1. Leave the photo on your altar and place the fully charged up crystals sitting on top of the photo to continue to send healing energy to this person. You could charge another candle and light it once a week if you wanted to keep reinforcing the healing energy flowing to them.
  2. If the person is open to it, you could gift them the crystal(s) to carry, which brings that healing energy directly to them.

If you are doing this spell for yourself, charge the candle and crystal with intent to help heal your own grief. Change the invocation to be for yourself (e.g. “I believe that I deserve health, happiness and joy” etc) and carry the crystal or keep it beside your bed after the spell is complete. xx

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