House and Land Clearing

House and Land Clearing

What is House and Land Clearing?

House and land clearing is the process of releasing negative energy and healing unhealthy energy that has somehow become trapped or contained within a house and/or parcel of land.

Signs you may need a House and Land Clearing

  • strange knocks, noises (footsteps, voices etc) and things that go “bump in the night”
  • strange smells or feelings around the house or on the property
  • icy cold spots in rooms
  • a great deal of ill health in the home
  • members of the household having issues sleeping and nightmares
  • things constantly being moved and/or breaking down
  • seeing strange things around the house or property, such as silhouettes of people, blobs, movement, etc
  • no one feeling comfortable in your home or parts of your home
  • Feel like you’re being watched or skin crawling in certain areas
  • a great deal of ill health in the home
  • plants that won’t grow in certain areas of the property
  • animals behaving strangely/badly in certain areas or refusing to go in parts of the home or property
  • trying to sell a house or property and it just won’t seem to sell

Issues within your home or property may be linked to:

  • repeated negative behaviour in the same space (arguments/depression, etc)
  • the land itself may be holding memory of something that has taken place on it previously (this can be of recent events or even right back to when it was farmland or Aboriginal land) which needs to be healed/released
  • wandering spirits/lost souls that are connected to the home, the property, an item of property or have been picked up elsewhere and brought home unintentionally
  • negative ley lines that have developed through the property itself which draw more unhealthy, negative energy to the property

Most often the issue is a combination of reasons, not just one specific answer. This is why we believe it is essential to come to a property and work with both the land and the house, to clear and heal it as a whole so that you will get a full and permanent solution.

What To Do: Self Help

1) Keep a Journal

To help determine if you need external help it’s a great advantage to keep a journal of what is happening. Observations may be:

  • Times of day and in what room or space the feelings or experiences occur.
  • How are you experiencing it? ie feeling, hearing, seeing, smell or somehow (without logical reason) knowing things (seen in your mind’s eye or dreams whilst asleep)
  • Past events potentially linked to you or the space.
  • What are you feeling – dread, fear or uneasy?
  • Does it centre around specific people present and dissipate when they leave?
  • Does it occur when you speak of other people both living and deceased?

This can be of the utmost importance because we may fail to make the links or connections to singular events that may create the bigger picture. If you share the space with other people, their journal kept independently from yours may confirm that it is not just your imagination! In addition, your notes and explanations made during/soon after the event may allow our team greater insight as to the situation at hand.

Be aware at all times you are not alone in your situation and if you do intend at some level to receive the assistance you require the very words you write may not necessarily be meant for you, but for those whom you have entrusted to assist. Universe makes the connections even before you have picked up the phone or sent an email, the trick here is simply to trust in the workings of spirit!

2) Try Smudging

Mystical Dragon strongly suggests that those having problems with spirit and “things going bump in the night” should first look to smudge their home before considering the need for a house clearing. Many problems can be resolved from a simple smudging, and your costs are cut considerably. Mystical Dragon sells the tools required for smudging.

How To Smudge Your House

Download Mystical Dragon’s Guide to House Smudging.

You will need a smudge stick or some type of dried cleansing herbs to burn over a charcoal disk (sage, sandalwood, myrrh, frankincense, etc). Close all the doors and windows that lead outdoors. For best results, turn the phones off, remove any pets and other members of the household so you won’t be disturbed.

Start at the front door, light your smudge stick and call on Archangel Michael and any guides/angels/divinities that you feel will help you. Ask them to help you clear any lost, confused and negative energies. Ask Archangel Michael to take any lost and confused souls over to the light. Walk around your home finishing up back at the front door. In this way you are “rounding up” and ushering out any unhealthy energies out the front door. As you walk around your house KNOW that any unwanted energies are being cleared from your space. Visualise the rooms being filled with white/gold light and positive energy. Ask for the angels to come and take any lost souls over to the light. Ensure you wave your smudge stick in every corner of every room, in large cupboards and wardrobes and waft the smoke under beds.

You can announce your intentions in each room out loud or in your head but affirm the type of energy you are wanting to grow and create within your home “love and light and positivity may grow and settle within these walls. All energies with the highest of intentions may visit and share their wisdom. My ancestors may join us at the table and are always welcome to share their love here…”

Know that this is YOUR space and that you have the final say over who is allowed to come and go and who is welcome to stay. As you work acknowledge that there is only one entrance and exit in your home for those unseen friends and that it is the entrance that you are beginning and ending your cleansing work with today. All other doorways that lead outside (and this includes windows) are now sealed. Then once you return to your front door, walk out of the house and several steps beyond the door. Tell any spirit to leave now never to return again. Don’t leave them on the doorstep!

When you are done, open doors and windows to allow lots of fresh air and light into the house. This will also help to reinforce what you have just done.

What To Do: External Help

Should you not feel up to smudging your home yourself or have tried smudging but are not seeing your home settle into the peaceful sanctuary it should be, then Mystical Dragon can help! We provide two options, dependent on the issues you are experiencing in your home, or even if you are not experiencing issues but wish to have someone come out to do a clearing for you on such as occasions as when you move into a new home, etc. For either option you need to contact Mystical Dragon to arrange a booking.

For both options it is best to have only one or two people with a good understanding of the problems that have been taking place on the property who can walk us through the situation and point out problem areas. Children and animals are best not to be present. Our consultant(s) will then take some time to walk through the property to get a good idea of what they feel and sense is occurring, which will be discussed with you before they finish.

Option 1: House Clearing Only (cost $150)

A single practitioner will come to your home. This will often take between 1 & 1½ hours. All items are supplied by the practitioner.

This option is focused on the home only and usually involves:

  • Smudging the house, generally using White Sage smoke or a combination of cleansing herbs/resins and a singing bowl
  • Any wandering spirits or lost souls found in the home are communicated with and crossed over
  • Crystals may be laid in key places or recommended to use to assist with lifting any low energies or adding protection

Option 2: House and Land Clearing (cost $550)

A team of 2-3 practitioners will come out to your home. This will often take between 1½ & 2 hours with all items supplied by the practitioner.

This option is focused on both the home and land and usually involves:

  • Smudging the house, generally using White Sage smoke or a combination of cleansing herbs/resins and a singing bowl
  • Any wandering spirits or lost souls found in the home or on the property are communicated with and crossed over
  • Any other energy problems discovered (e.g. negative Ley lines, etc) will either be healed, dealt with, or a further course of action recommended
  • Crystals may be laid in key places or recommended to use to assist with lifting any low energies or adding protection
  • The property will be sealed and protected with salt and a specially imbued tincture

Mystical Dragon is happy to offer assistance. Just give us a call on 03 9782 5091.