How To Create Witches Bottles live online minicourse

A magickal way to protection, prosperity and more

Witches Bottles have been used as a powerful protection tool against negative magick and attack. This ‘How to Create Witches Bottles Live Online minicourse’ explores the history of witches bottles, or witches jars as they have come to be called, some traditional recipes, and recipe variations that you can use today. You will also learn how the witches bottle has been modernised. Focuses can now include home/household protection, money manifestation, cleansing/clearing, positive energy for the new year, health, and success. Discover essential aspects needed to ensure your witches bottle will work for you, along with ways to individualise it for your needs. Amanda will also gift you with some ready to go, tried and true recipes (with full instructions) for a variety of purposes. Gain the confidence to start creating your own witches bottles!

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There are also many Light Workers currently on our planet to experience and help support this time of awakening. Each Light Worker has chosen to come in to this life with a purpose and mission. We volunteered, before our birth, to help this planet and its population to heal and raise in vibration. We are the souls who carry a strong inner desire to spread Light, through knowledge and self-love. Each individual Light Worker has a different way they came onto the Earth to carry out this mission.

How To Create Witches Bottles Live Online

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How To Create Witches Bottles Overview

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What is Provided

  • Live online experience
  • Notes and recipes

What to Bring

  • Pen and Paper (optional)
  • An open heart

Course Duration

  • 60 minutes (approximate)

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Hosted By

  • Mystical Dragon College
    22 Heversham Drive
    Seaford (S.E. Melbourne)
    Victoria Australia 3198
  • Phone: 03 9782 5091

Your Mentor

your how to create witches bottles mentor Amanda

This minicourse covers

  • A brief history of witches bottles
  • The traditional recipe of a Witches bottle for protection
  • The more modern method
  • Focuses you can use for Witches bottles

About Your Facilitator


Amanda Godfrey is the founder of Mystical Dragon and a White Witch who currently practises as a solitary witch. She has studied witchcraft extensively and been a practitioner of it for over 20 years. Previously a High Priestess of a Coven she now leads Mystical Dragon’s Open Circles. Amanda has developed and taught many workshops and courses on witchcraft.

An eclectic Witch, Amanda is passionate about her Craft and is happy to share her knowledge and experience with you as she truly cares about her students.