Inner Strength and Motivation Charm Bag

Easy to Make an Inner Strength and Motivation Charm Bag

This Inner Strength and Motivation Charm Bag is specifically to help boost your inner strength and keep you motivated during challenging times.

Best Timing

The Full Moon, especially if the Moon is in Leo, Sagittarius or Aries, or a Waxing Moon would boost the energy of your charm bag.

Required Items

inner strength and motivation charm bag
  1. A circle of red material (I use a bread and butter plate as my template to make the circle)
  2. A length of red or black ribbon or cord
  3. A pinch of Sage and/or Lemon Peel (To remove negativity and clear your mind)
  4. A Garnet or Carnelian small tumbled crystal or crystal chips (for emotional strength and courage plus energy and motivation)
  5. A pinch or two of soil from the garden (to keep you grounded, stable and strong)
  6. (optional) add a blue crystal, like sodalite or blue lace agate if you also need help speaking up in the situation you are in
  7. (optional) an image of Goddess Brigid or Goddess Sekhmet if you choose to call on them for the spell

Optional Items (Choose 3 Herbs)

  • Thyme (for inner strength)
  • Parsley (for inner strength)
  • Fennel (for inner strength)
  • Lavender (for inner strength and healing)
  • Lemon Balm (for emotional strength and physical energy/motivation)
  • Ginger (for emotional strength and energy/motivation)
  • Agrimony (to overcome fear and blockages holding you back)

What to Do

Centre yourself before you lay out your material circle on a flat surface (like your altar). Charge all of your herbs and crystals up with your intent of inner strength, courage and motivation. See your situation change to positive and happy (you don’t have to see how it changes, just that it does). Then add into the middle of the material all the herbs you have selected to use. As you do this say:

“Herbs of power, lend me your strength. That I may be emotionally strong and secure through my time of need. Aid  my mind to be clear and my heart to know the best way forward. Blessed Be.”

Then when ready, sprinkle the soil on top of the herbs and say:

“Soil, obtained so graciously from the Earth. Ground me in your presence that I may be as strong and secure as the tallest tree and nurtured by your energy. Blessed Be”

Then when ready add your crystal(s) on top of this and say:

“Divine Crystal spirits, aid me in my motivation to do what is needed while being protected and staying in my truth. With harm to none, so mote it be. Blessed Be.”

 If you wish you could also draw a symbol you associate with strength on a small piece of paper, fold it and add to your bag, or even write the words “inner strength”. But this is optional.

Then pull up the sides of your material, creating a bag shape. Use your ribbon or cord to tie the top wrapping around the top three times and tie it with three knots to secure it. Charge up the completed bag with your intent once again, as you did in the beginning with the herbs and crystals.

As you hold your bag in both hands charging it up, you could also call on a fiery Divinity like Goddess Brigid or Goddess Sekhmet. This would be the ideal time to do this, but it is optional. You could simply speak from your heart, asking for their blessing over your charm bag and over you. Or you could say something like:

“Blessed Goddess Brigid. I invite you to be by my side now, to bless this creation with your strength and power. Dear flaming-haired divinity, fill my charm bag with this energy I now request (pause and think about your focus) and lead me into positivity and triumph going forward. With harm to none, so mote it be. Blessed be.”

Leave your charm bag to charge overnight in the Full Moon energy before you begin carrying it with you. You can tuck it in your pocket, or something like a handbag which you keep with you. Alternatively if you can’t really carry it on you, keep it beside the bed so you can soak up energy while you sleep. xx