The Most Inspirational Woman in my Life

Audrey is one of Mystical Dragon’s trusted and gifted teachers. She is highly intuitive, a qualified Counsellor, Reiki master, and certified Hypnotherapist who sees clients for a variety of services including general and spiritual counselling, readings, and healings. Audrey is also a passionate teacher and currently trains Crystal, Tarot, Chakra, and Reiki courses.

“I think we all have those special people in our lives, past or present, who have had an enormous influence on us and our subsequent general life attitude. They could have been a parent, teacher, friend, religious leader or even a celebrity perhaps. I have been fortunate enough to have had a few inspirational souls throughout my life, coming into my world as they did at significant times to help guide me by example when I felt a little lost and confused. Overall though, the one who had the most profound and lasting effect on me was my Grandmother Clara.

Grannie Clara was a gentle and kind soul with twinkling eyes and silver-grey hair, rosy cheeks and a ready smile, your typical classic grandmother look – however she was anything but typical! Clara was a healer and a “seer” as was her mother and grandmother and so it went, generation after generation on my mother’s side, of incredibly strong women who were blessed with “The Gift”.

My very earliest memory is sitting on my Grannies knee and playing with the clear quartz crystal that hung on a long black length of leather around her neck. I remember gazing into the crystal and seeing butterflies and flowers, feathers and faces. Grannie would gently ask me “what can you see today, sweetie?” encouraging me to describe what I was seeing in detail. Clara used to visit every Friday afternoon when I was a child and we would go into the dining room, just the two of us. That alone used to give me a buzz and tingles, knowing this was special Grannie and Granddaughter time.

The door would be firmly shut and she would heave her big old bag with the cracked black leather onto the table and proceed to empty it, one fascinating item after another, to my great excitement and anticipation. Even though I knew the routine, knew each item she was going to produce, I never lost that feeling of sheer joy in sharing this truly amazing time with my beloved Grannie. There were her exceptionally tattered and worn tarot cards, her breathtakingly beautiful crystal ball, a set of crystal runes together with a little gold cloth on which to spread and read the little funny shaped stones with black markings, there followed spectacular healing crystals for each chakra and these would be placed one by one and in order down the centre of the table, numerous crystals worn with age and use and my absolute favourite, her amethyst pendulum. It was like watching a treasure chest being emptied in front of my eyes every week and the memory of the thrills this bag emptying ritual would stir up in me, remains as strong within me today as it ever did.

Then the lessons would begin! For the next hour and a half, I was taken through my paces. What is this crystal called, what does it do? What does this card tell you? What do you see and feel when you hold this crystal? Show me how you hold your pendulum, not like that, like this! Oh my, the endless questions she had for me was only surpassed by the ones I had for her. I remember when the visits were over before I felt ready, my usual cry was “just 10 minutes more please!” Grannie was always so patient and full of calm wisdom, it seemed there was never a question she couldn’t answer and she was so loving and sweet at the same time. I remember being rewarded with cuddles and kisses every time I remembered what a crystal was for or for when I described accurately what I was seeing. Grannie was a strong lady who had an unbelievably hard life, physically and emotionally, as did her mother and her mother before her but she never complained or was in a bad mood. On the very last visit, I clearly remember her saying to me “You may not be able to change those around you and their attitudes but you can change your reaction to them and their attitudes! Remember, it is the trials in life that teach you the most valuable lessons!” Such wise words and ones I strive hard to live by. Not always easy to do but I try my best and when I succeed, it brings such calm and order into my life.

Grannie Clara taught me how to read cards and runes, how to interpret tea leaf readings, how to use her magical pendulum, how to “see”, how to allow healing to flow from my palms, how to protect myself from energy drains, so many family traditions and of course, all about her wonderful crystals! My absolute first love was crystals, I still have the very first crystal given to me. On my 4th birthday, a tiny little amethyst. It is a treasured and precious part of my inherited collection. Every time I handle my crystals, I am transported back in time to those inspiring Friday afternoons where this sweet old lady with a core of inner steel would patiently sit, week after week, answering a little girl’s endless questions with such love and care.

Grannie Clara didn’t just teach me all about “The Family Gift” however, she also taught me by her own shining example what was right and wrong, that trying to see the good in every situation was the better option, that being truthful and ethical was a must, that every action needed to come from the heart and not the ego, that my cup was always half full not half empty. She was wise beyond words and quite scary when stirred, that look of stone replacing the usual loving smile if I ever stepped out of line and was disrespectful or ungrateful. I remember feeling crushed for causing her stone face of disapproval and promising myself not to make that mistake again!

So thank you, Grannie Clara, for being firm when needed and loving me always, for the treasured lessons, for the unconditional love, for the reassurance when my own life became emotionally hard and I felt lost and confused, for showing me what was important in life and what wasn’t and most importantly, thank you for being my endless inspiration. You were an amazing lady and I honestly believe you are a shining light of an angel beaming down your ray of light and love every single night. I am honoured to be your granddaughter.

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