FREE Open Circle Celebrating Litha (Summer Solstice)

An Open Circle is a ritual open to all comers where a circle is cast, creating a sacred and safe place to work, followed by the four Elements and God/Goddess being invited to join us. At Mystical Dragon we celebrate every second Sabbat and these Sabbats honour each of the seasons (Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring). Each circle has a different focus tying in with the time of year it is celebrated. This circle is held in honour of Litha (Summer Solstice), marking the longest day and shortest night of the year.

A magickal experience to Celebrate Litha

General Information about our Open Circles

Open circles are Rituals held at Mystical Dragon and are open to anyone to get involved, as long as they are respectful. Mystical Dragon usually holds Open Circles in honour of every second Sabbat.

We call the corners (Air, Fire, Water, and Earth) and cast circle (creating a protected and sacred space to work in) at every ritual. Our focus changes for each Open Circle gathering. High Priestess Amanda leads the ritual in a way that those who have not participated in a circle before will be able to easily follow.

Children 13 years and older are welcome to attend provided they are accompanied by an adult and behave responsibly.

Attendees of Moon Rituals at Mystical Dragon are welcome to bring an item to charge on the altar during ritual (this may be a crystal, item of jewellery, a magickal tool, or anything else you deem appropriate to charge with positive energy). You will be asked to place your item on the side altars before the ritual starts, and take the item with you at ritual completion.

At Mystical Dragon there is always the option to watch rather than participate in the circle, however, everyone is guided when and where to turn etc so that no one participating gets left out. And then everyone is welcome to stay for a cuppa and share some food and socialise with like-minds once we have finished.

Please be aware rituals begin at 7:00 pm sharp! The door will be locked at this time and latecomers will not be admitted.

These are FREE events and the ritual itself usually lasts approximately an hour depending on the size of the group. You do not need to book for this event.

The evening will end with the opportunity to socialise, so participants are welcome to bring a plate of finger food to share plus tea and coffee will be provided for those who would like to stay awhile.

Mystical Dragon firmly believes that merrymaking is for after ritual. Anyone attending our open circles who appears to be under the influence of any substance may be ejected from the premises. Mystical Dragon also reserves the right to refuse entry to any person.

Our Open Circle honours Summer Solstice (Litha)

“This is the longest day of the year. To me, this holiday represents the Sun King in all his glory. A celebration of passion and success. Some of the most powerful magick I have ever accomplished has been on this holiday. It is great for business needs or a situation where the power of male energy is needed. Sunflowers and any flowers of red and maize yellow or gold are excellent altar decorations. A wreath can be made for your door with red feathers and yellow feathers intertwined or braided with ivy. Altar candles could be gold and red.

Money tree plants can be harvested and strung above the mantle for monetary wealth, or tied in a bunch with green ribbon. Midsummer Night’s Eve is also a time to commune with field and forest sprites and faeries.”

Silver Ravenwolf, “To Ride a Silver Broomstick”

Mystical Dragon’s Summer Solstice Focus

At this ritual, we will look back on the year that is almost finished and give thanks for all that we have experienced and achieved. Amanda will channel Goddess energy as part of this ritual, bringing through messages and blessings for the group. A few of our Witchcraft students will dedicate on their path at this ritual.

Participants are encouraged to dress “fae”, wear fairy wings, glitter and/or bright colours.