Loving Heart Living Awareness 30 Day Challenge

Loving Heart Living Awareness Challenge

I’m inspired regularly by a favourite quote attributed to Mahatma Gandhi; “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

As I was driving this morning on my way to doing my errands, Goddess Quan Yin dropped this beautiful challenge into my heart and mind and asked, not only for me to undertake it, but to also share this spiritual development challenge with everyone as the benefits will be healing, uplifting and powerfully transformative. Check out my section on the benefits below to know more.

Without further a do, here is the “Loving Heart Living Awareness Practice 30 Day Challenge”

The Practice

This technique is about maintaining a consistent and continuous mindfulness on the Loving Presence of the Divine, regardless of what you call it. For me I refer to it as Source Light, or Universe.

To activate your awareness, strongly turn your awareness to your Heart centre/chakra and choose to connect to that feeling of loving kindness, the more you focus the more expansive, freeing and nurturing the feeling becomes. It begins to feel like an expanding hug. Allow your awareness to expand with the feeling so you begin to radiate that feeling from within towards the outer world, allowing you to feel a real loving blissful awareness, like a field of that energy permeating you and everything.

Now turn your awareness to your Third Eye centre/chakra and repeat the steps you did for connecting your Heart centre to the field of energy which is the Loving Presence of the Divine.

You should now have your awareness anchored at your Heart and Third Eye to this expansive energy field of loving bliss.

The Challenge

The challenge Quan Yin poses is simple: actively and constantly maintain part of your awareness on that field of energy – the Loving Presence of the Divine – for 30 days straight.

This is a living mindfulness meditation that is to last for 30 days, regardless of what you are doing. This is what I call integrated meditation as the mind is held to a focus as an active part of your everyday life, it’s also where the challenge lies. The idea is to re-activate (i.e. return your awareness) to the connection if you get distracted.

Think of it this way, treat the Loving Presence of the Divine like the company of a friend or loved one; i.e. you find it easy to remain aware that they are near by. The same thing applies for this challenge – to keep your awareness on and open to the energy field of loving bliss as always being with you.

The Benefits

We are heading into a Master 11 year in 2018, and if you start today you will be setting the intent for your 2018 to be loving and divinely connected to support you in living your soul purpose which you will feel a powerful urge to pursue (even more so than the last few years).

By starting today, you will cover time from December to January, i.e. the threshold of the year energy and it will help you move gently into deep connection with your soul and the Divine.

Through maintaining a connection to this energy field, all your manifesting (& New Years resolutions) will be powerfully boosted as you will be setting your plans in motion while in the cosmic flow of the Divine awareness.

You will begin to feel lighter, happier and freer in your heart and mind, and you will feel deep calm and peace, a deep reassurance that things will turn out for the best and for your highest wellbeing. You will begin to trust yourself more and naturally do the self nurturing you need to heal and recover your wellbeing.

Remember any habit consistently maintained for more than two weeks tends to stick, and what a wonderful habit to maintain!!

Moreover, by holding your mind and whole heart in this energy of loving bliss, you can’t help but radiate outwards that beautiful energy for others, yet it will take nothing from you. This brings me back to Mahatma Gandhi words – Be The Change.

With Love and Blessings,

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Jennifer, founder of ‘Light Dynamics’, a system of Healing and Spiritual Awakening, is one of Mystical Dragon’s trusted and gifted Psychic Development teachers. She is also a highly intuitive Spiritual Healer and Clairvoyant who provides clearing of negative energies, protection, healing, and reading services to clients.

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