Money Basil Spell

Money Basil Spell

Best Timing

Waxing Moon or Full Moon

Required Items

  1. A bunch of fresh Basil (or at least a few leaves)
  2. A Green or Gold candle
  3. Seasame seeds

What to Do

This is a great money spell to do and not too hard either. Light your candle on your altar which is set up beside a bunch of fresh basil (or at least a few leaves). Then around this sprinkle a circle of seasame seeds, and as you do this see money walking in your front door and filling your pockets, your wallet and your bank account. See bills paid and money left over for things you’d like to buy. Feel how this makes you feel as well. Then when you have taken a good few minutes visualising this and feel ready, you could say an invocation like:

Hear me, oh Divinities of Abundance and Wealth.
 Please connect me to your energy and help me create a secure money flow,
 to ease my stress and for financial worries to go!
 Allow me the ability to have all my needs covered,
 plus still have money to enjoy my life and share my prosperity with others.
 With harm to none, so mote it be! Blessed Be.

Allow your candle to burn all the way out. If there is wax left over this is perfect to do some scrying with and see what images you can see – it might be a message for you! Then the hardest part is to try and let your spell go, not to obsess over it, but to also be open to the ways universe will bring the money flow for you – it may be through discounts, finding money on the ground, being offered an extra shift at work, etc. Remember to take time for gratitude as the money flows in for you. xx