Money Frog Spell

Money Frog Spell

Best Timing

When the Moon is in Taurus or the New Moon

Required Items

  1. A plate (bread and butter size is good)
  2. A frog statue or pendant
  3. Money drawing powder (mix together some dried cinnamon, nutmeg and clove charged with your intent for money)
  4. Some gold coins

What to Do

Our video walkthrough for the Money Frog spell.

I always find the energy of Taurus to be perfect for the manifesting of material acquisitions and money. I found this spell years ago which I tweaked and find both cute and effective! I hope you find it draws money for you too.

There are a number of ancient cultures that believe frogs are a symbol of prosperity and abundance, so how perfect to include an image of a frog for your money magick. Gather everything you need for your spell, then spread the coins on your plate and put your frog so he sits on top of the coins in the centre of your plate. Sprinkle on and around your frog the money drawing powder you have made, visualising money flowing to you and you being able to pay your bills or buy whatever you are wanting the money for. Take a good several minutes to see and feel and affirm as you do this, as this is what will really magnetise the abundance to you.

Then place your plate in a prominent place on your altar, with the frog preferably facing the door. About once a week add a few more coins to the plate and sprinkle the frog and plate with more money drawing powder, once again holding your visualisation for a good several minutes.

Finally, don’t forget to look for prosperity opportunities around you every day and be ready to seize the moment when it comes. xx