Motivation Spell

A Spell for Motivation

This spell is for those finding they are starting to lose momentum with motivation or simply want a boost to keep moving forward.

Best Timing

A Waxing Moon, Full Moon or New Moon are best for this spell.

Required Items

  1. A red candle
  2. Dragonsblood resin and a charcoal disk
  3. A heatproof container
  4. A Red Jasper or Red Garnet crystal
  5. A feather
  6. Charm bag alternative to crystal: circle of red or orange material, dragonsblood, peppermint and cinnamon herbs, pen and paper, ribbon.

What to Do

Charge up you candle, crystal and resin individually between two hands with your focus of motivation. You can write yourself an affirmation to repeat while you do this, visualise yourself charging through the things you need to get done and achieving your goals, plus feel what that will feel like when it happens.

Once everything is charged up, set your candle up on your altar or sacred space. Place your crystal at the base of your candle and lay your feather in front of the candle where you can see it. Then set your Dragonsblood resin burning on your charcoal disk nearby.

**As an alternative to simply using the Red Jasper crystal, you could make a motivation charm bag instead. For this you need a circle of red or orange material, your Red Jasper crystal, some Dragonsblood resin, Peppermint and Cinnamon. Write the invocation on a piece of paper and fold it to add into your charm bag too. Lay your material on a flat surface, such as your altar. Place all ingredients in the centre of your material, pull up the edges and tie around the top with ribbon. Finish with three knots to keep it closed. Then place your charm bag at the base of your candle instead of the crystal.**

The Motivation Spell Invocation

Next, close your eyes and take a few moments to centre yourself while breathing this scent and wafting the smoke around you. Allow this to help connect you to your magickal self, then when you feel ready, light your candle and say:

I humbly call to thee, profound and great Divine energy
(you could call on a specific deity here instead if you wished, like Goddess Brigid or Sekhmet whose fiery energy can assist with motivation),
Come be by my side,
Grant me wisdom, be my guide.
Fill me with motivation and energy.
Bless my actions, words and deeds.
With thanks and harm to none, so mote it be.

Allow your candle to burn all the way down, with your crystal or charm bag charging beside your candle.

While it is burning down is a good time to Moon gaze and whisper your dreams and goals to the universe. You could do some divination if you are wanting further guidance to the next step towards your dreams. When the candle is finished, gaze at any left over candle wax for any messages for you. Allow your higher self to guide you as to what any symbols or images you see might mean. Then any left over wax can be disposed of in the bin and you can carry your crystal or charm bag with you across the coming days and weeks when you need that boost of energy and motivation. xx

More useful spells can be found in Mystical Dragon’s Book Of Shadows.