The Mystical Dragon story

Mystical Dragon began as one girl’s dream many, many moons ago. A girl, by the name of Amanda, who had had glimpses of spirits of the departed, of Dragons and Angels for as long as she could remember and who would have conversations in private with people no one else seemed to be aware of, had an idea or really just the seed of an idea, of a beautiful castle that had many rooms with professors of all spiritual backgrounds teaching to open-hearted and open-minded students thirsty for knowledge. There was also a gorgeous big store over-flowing with products of every kind from the spiritual realm, so students could learn their ‘trade’ and have a place to buy products they needed to practice it.

All manner of services were being offered to assist one on their path of healing and self-development, from tarot, mediumship, palmistry, numerology, reflexology, naturopathy, reiki, and more. There were magnificent gardens to walk through, reflect and meditate in and accommodation for those who had travelled and needed a trusted and peaceful place to stay. Plus, in amongst the trees, gardens and growth, stood a beautiful temple to celebrate with brothers and sisters of like-mind the Sabbats, seasons, and life cycles.

This was the dream the young girl had, but she didn’t believe at the time it could be made physical. So she continued on her path in what she was told was the “real world”, content to continue dreaming and to continue private study of things not considered so “real”, but not really sharing these parts of herself. And the young girl became a young woman.

Then one day, the young woman happened upon a tarot course advertisement. A course that happened to be not too far from home and would fit in nicely with her work and budget! So she booked in right away and began only a few weeks later. While studying, her abilities of seeing things and hearing things that others tuned out grew. Her tarot teacher and fellow students seemed impressed with her abilities and before she knew it she was writing and teaching meditation and self-development courses. Another dream she thought would certainly never come true!

With this dream realised the young woman thought “Why not this other dream then? It is very big, that’s true, but what I thought was impossible has already been made manifest, so why not aim at it anyway and see?” And with that a fire was lit within her and she was writing down these dreams, creating plans for them and even got brave enough to begin speaking about them with others. She had family who encouraged her not to give up. Before she knew it a magickal opportunity had appeared, like a genie out of a lamp! An investor for this idea.

It was truly one of those moments when you either dove in and took hold of the opportunity to see where it lead or forever wondered “what if”. So with brave face, despite quivering underneath, the young woman grabbed the opportunity!

Life moved forward quickly from that moment. A business plan was created for this idea, a business partner who also believed in the dream came on board and the feelers went out for the right place to open. Many suburbs were visited and buildings scrutinised. A building that seemed perfect was applied for. Weeks passed, and though they were approved for the building there was hold up after hold up in getting a date to sign paperwork and move in. What was the Universe trying to say??

So, very frustrated, the two walked along the Carrum beach to unwind and talk about what they should do next. As they walked back to their car a building suddenly stood out. A nice looking building with a ‘For Lease’ sign in the front window and not too far from the originally selected site. The two became excited. Could this be a sign?

Within two months of a phone call that very afternoon, the wheels were fast back in motion, and with the support of family and much muscle and sweat, Mystical Dragon opened its doors in Carrum on February 19, 2005.

While not operating from a castle (yet!), this gorgeous store has gone through its share of trials, but has also gone from strength to strength, expanding its services, the courses and workshops offered and being directed to the right people to share their passion and healing skills.

Along its journey one business partner left, drawn in another life direction. Amanda continued on, with the support of family and friends.

Before long mother and daughter were working long hours together at Mystical Dragon. Both could see the Mystical Dragon vision and both were caring souls, dedicated and passionate about helping people. This team worked quite magically. So around Mystical Dragon’s three year birthday a new business partnership was officially struck – Amanda and her mum Noelene. And this little store grew.

By the end of 2009 it was becoming apparent that the store in Carrum was becoming a little too small and some customers who wanted to participate in events and study couldn’t climb the steps to reach the rooms upstairs. It wouldn’t do to have people missing out! So began the mission of finding the perfect space to move Mystical Dragon to.

On November 20, 2010 the new Mystical Dragon in Seaford was opened. A beautiful venue with its own parking and gardens, large shop space, consulting rooms, a communal tea room and plenty of space for teaching, events and rituals. The doors at Carrum were soon closed so that all the right energy and focus could be put into the new space.

There are further steps to be trod along the journey, as there always is, and more expanding to do. Some people leave when the time comes for their journey to take them other places, but others come in to walk the path. Some have ‘Mystical Dragon blood’ running through their veins and will forever more be a part of her. Everyone’s path is respected – none is more correct, or true, or better than any others. And all within the Mystical Dragon community – whether teacher or healer or student or shop assistant or client – are supported and encouraged to further their own growth and find the path that connects best for them.