10 tips to have a terrific and non terrifying psychic reading

This article was submitted by Elisabeth Jensen. Elisabeth is the founder of Isis Mystery School and is also a psychic medium. She has channelled much lost information and was voted 2010 Australian Psychic of the Year and 2007 Psychic of Year (SA) by the Australian Psychics Association.

10 tips to have a terrific and non-terrifying psychic reading

As a professional psychic for many years I have seen lives transformed and healed by a positive psychic reading – and heard of many horror stories by clients AND psychics alike. In reality it’s usually a lack of understanding and education of how psychic abilities actually work that causes most difficulties in this area for both clients and psychics.

Here are some ways you can have a much better psychic reading.

Tip 1: Do Your Research First

Psychics vary enormously in their natural abilities and training, plus some specialise in one area only e g mediumship. Mediums are your best choice to hear how your loved ones in spirit are plus to help resolve loss and grief issues but are often not so good with relationships, finances and health problems…people in the spirit world mean well but if this wasn’t their area of expertise in life they can’t help much from the other side. So for health problems consult a medical intuitive and healer – plus your own medical practitioner!

Ask family and friends for recommendations about whom to contact for readings if you know they have seen a psychic before. If possible check out the websites of your likely psychic to ensure that if you want a Past Life Reading you contact a psychic who can read Akashic Records – likewise for timing of events e.g. planning a wedding date, its best to consult a numerologist or astrologer

Finally don’t forget to check the fees and method of payment to avoid difficulty at the end of your session.

Tip 2: Don’t Do Your Research During Your Consultation

Many clients feel this is the correct approach. “Don’t tell the psychic anything about yourself – if they are REALLY psychic they should know all about you” well meaning friends tell you. So 30 minutes of your one hour consultation time consists of you trying to decide if the psychic really is psychic –then after they have proved themselves for the next 30 minutes you receive a little bit of general stuff about your future -much of which “never happens”

So you have proved the clairvoyant is psychic – and tested their patience -often thus setting up a resistance to a flow of communication. … It’s rather like going to your Medical Practitioner – you can give a quick history of your symptoms and 5 minutes later you have a diagnoses and treatment plan. Or if you prefer to make your doctor prove himself and refuse to discuss your problems and throw in a few “trick questions” you will get the same diagnosis 5 days later – after many expensive tests!

Tip 3: Relax And Be Open During Your Consultation

If you do this the psychic can receive a clear flow of information from your aura and angels. It’s often easier for them to give you an accurate and detailed reading then. Telling the psychic why you are there saves time and the rest of your appointment you can receive lots of new information about your situation and the best way to deal with it.

Some psychics do of course prefer not to receive any extra information – especially some mediums.

Tip 4: Take Details Of Loved Ones You Are Asking About

Be they in spirit or just people you are concerned about having a picture makes it much easier for the reader to connect with them energetically. A date of birth helps if the psychic does numerology or astrology, especially for relationship readings. Some psychics like an object (psychometry) to hold belonging to the person in question. I like to stress to clients that a psychic reading is ABOUT YOU but for relationship and mediumship readings naturally it’s a little different.

Tip 5: Can You Tell Me About My Ex Please?

Yes, clients do come and ask me to be a “Psychic Spy” to see if their ex boyfriend is having a hard time now, or is with somebody new or even to ask if their wealthy father is going to die soon. Unless it’s relevant and an enquiry of genuine concern for a client e g “I want to travel overseas but I am worried about leaving my elderly and sick parents for a long period of time in case of a crisis” any clairvoyant with good ethics will refuse to answer these questions.

Tip 6: Will The Psychic Tell Me When I Will Die?

Most psychics won’t answer this question and I do suggest as a general rule you don’t ask. As a medical intuitive and former Palliative Care Nurse I believe in certain cases its better to be prepared and plan for your future in the spirit world and for the future of loved ones. So it’s not a topic I focus on but it’s not something I refuse to discuss.

A few psychics pass on all information they receive e.g. telling of impending deaths in the family, but I don’t believe this is responsible behaviour in most cases… Also I do not believe our futures are that fixed and in my experience often this type information in NOT correct and the psychic is just picking up on a clients fears.

Tip 7: Can A Psychic Tell Me What Is The Best Path For Me?

Yes the future is not fixed! It’s wonderful when clients ask for suggestions about a future path. The angels and Divinities love this and can give lots of helpful suggestions here.

Tip 8: How Do I Make Sure The Psychic Is Accurate?

The information the psychic gives during the reading should resonate with you and most will tell you something only you could know. For future predictions naturally only time will tell…

Tip 9: What Can I Do If I Don’t Like My Reading?

Discuss with your psychic to see what can be changed about your future. Sometimes unpleasant information is given to you as a catalyst for change – remember the information might be correct at the time of the reading – but much about YOUR PERSONAL FUTURE can be changed. Events involving other people might be outside your control.

Again if you are really unhappy with the reading you need to consider that perhaps you didn’t choose the correct psychic for you and just let the information they gave you go for now.

Tip 10: I Loved My Reading, But Will The Events Happen?

Yes, winning the lottery, travel and a new lover are all possible – but you still have to buy the tickets and allow your intuition and angels to guide you to be in the right place at the right time!”

ELISABETH JENSEN also writes for The Australian Psychics Directory and was voted Psychic of the Year by the Australian Psychics Association Members. This article was published in her regular column for InnerSelf Magazine (SA & East West Editions) http://www.innerself.com.au in March 2010. Visit Elisabeth’s website