Online Studies at Mystical Dragon Mystery College

Correspondence College: self-paced online learning

In Mystical Dragon’s Correspondence College you study at your own pace. You have notes, videos, and audio files that you can download to study and enjoy at a time of your choosing. There are few, if any, time constraints so you are free to study at any time of the day or night.

Follow the link to Mystical Dragon’s Correspondence College for an obligation free look at the current list of subjects available for self-paced study.

‘Live’ Online Studies: learning in real-time on Zoom

In our ‘live’ online courses and minicourses you interact with your teacher/tutor in real-time and also have the opportunity to ask questions.

There are also many Light Workers currently on our planet to experience and help support this time of awakening. Each Light Worker has chosen to come in to this life with a purpose and mission. We volunteered, before our birth, to help this planet and its population to heal and raise in vibration. We are the souls who carry a strong inner desire to spread Light, through knowledge and self-love. Each individual Light Worker has a different way they came onto the Earth to carry out this mission.