Amanda Godfrey

Amanda, college principle and founder of Mystical Dragon

Amanda is College Principal at Mystical Dragon, a White Witch and Gifted Healer.

Amanda’s Qualifications and Certificates

  • Working with Children Check
  • Tarot certificate (Visionary school)
  • Numerology certificate (Visionary school)
  • Advanced Tarot certificate (Visionary school)
  • Palmistry certificate (Visionary school)
  • Crystal Healing certificate (Visionary school)
  • Reiki Usui level 1 certificate (Christine Elliot)
  • Reiki Usui level 1 & 2 certificates (Liz Rojek)
  • Reiki Usui Master (Liz Rojek)
  • Reiki Seichim Master (Neil Hanel)
  • Auset Past Lives Soul Healing Alchemist (Elisabeth Jensen)
  • Auset Temple Healing levels 1-3 (Elisabeth Jensen)
  • Auset Temple Divination (Elisabeth Jensen)
  • Secret Codes of Sekhmet & Auset (Elisabeth Jensen)
  • Auset Temple Healing Sleep Temple Alchemist (Elisabeth Jensen)
  • Authorised Auset Healing level 1&2 teacher (Elisabeth Jensen)
  • Authorised Auset Healing Divination teacher (Elisabeth Jensen)
  • Geomancy (Roz Tilley)
  • Multi Dimensional Healing (Roz Tilley)
  • Crystal Guardian (Michele Kingston)
  • Cosmic Angel (Michele Kingston)
  • Weave your own Dreamcatcher (Scott Alexander King)
  • Past Life Regression (Ann Stanton)
  • Angel Intuitive certificate (Doreen Virtue)
  • Earth Angel Realm Reader certificate (Doreen Virtue)
  • Coordinate Remote Viewing (OPS Learning Group)
  • Return to Avalon certificate (Lucy Cavendish)
  • Light Dynamics level 1 (Jennifer Valente)
  • Visionary Art (Wendy Ishewe)
  • Kuan Yin Violet Lotusbody (Elisabeth Jensen)
  • Angel Miracles levels 1-4 (Elisabeth Jensen)
  • Angel Miracles Psychic Medium (Elisabeth Jensen)
  • Angel Miracles Psychic Coach (Elisabeth Jensen)
  • Authorised Angel Miracles level 1 & 2 teacher (Elisabeth Jensen)
  • Authorised Angel Miracles Psychic Mediumship teacher (Elisabeth Jensen)
  • Certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner (Centre for Complementary Healing Studies)
  • Certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner (Elisabeth Jensen)
  • Certified Hypnotherapy Master Practitioner (Centre for Complementary Healing Studies)
  • Best Practices of Dave Elman certificate (Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute)
  • Ancient Healing (Scott Alexander King)
  • Melbourne Zoo & Animal Dreaming (Scott Alexander King)

Amanda’s Affiliations

  • Auset Temple Healing Initiate and Certified Practitioner (formerly Isis Mystery School)
  • Fully Certified Member of International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT)
  • Professional Member of International Association of Reiki Professionals (IARP)

Amanda’s Bio

I feel truly blessed to have been given these abilities to be able to assist and guide those around me. It still amazes me, the information that gets brought through and how seemingly unimportant messages can have profound impact on a person’s life. Spirit works in beautiful and simplistic ways, and they constantly remind me to go with the flow and let go of all fears and worries. I continue on this path of growth, relishing in the fact that I get to help others to do the same!

I am founder and current co-owner of Mystical Dragon, reader, healer and teacher at Mystical Dragon and am often floating around the store called on to help with advice on areas like witchcraft, crystals and psychic awareness. Those that know me often tell me that I don’t stop working, always focused on another course to write or another client or student to help. But what can I say… I love what I do and I consider myself very lucky to be able to walk a path that allows me to do what I love.

Mystical Dragon was a long time dream and when I look back over my life I can see how so many things that were part of my journey leading up to it now fit in!

My whole life I have been drawn to all that is spiritual, strange and spooky. I have seen spirit on and off since I was quite young. Being frightened of the dark for a great deal of my youth because there was always something in it and I didn’t know enough back then to know it wasn’t actually nasty!!!

I was raised a Catholic and went to Catholic schools which is where I found my first book on Witchcraft which vanished out of the school library after I returned it!! That was certainly a turning point for me, making me more aware of Mother Nature, connecting me to meditation and similar empowering practises. My study of Witchcraft made me feel like ‘I had come home’ and helped give me answers about things that I had been experiencing all of my life but didn’t understand. It also helped me to find some ‘normality’ in a world I had always felt different from, a world I had never really felt I fitted into.

I have studied Witchcraft since 1991, having read many books, practised a huge variety of techniques and a number of traditions. I am very thankful for the fact that I had the ability to see and hear my spirit guides and other Elemental energies about me. They very much guided my hand in all of my practises and study.

For those of you who are spooked by the words ‘Witch’ and ‘Witchcraft’ I assure you there is no need to be apprehensive. Being a Witch means that I regularly connect with Nature, the animals, elements and spirits of the Green world, I celebrate the seasons, I use herbs and crystals for healing and I move with the Universal flow to manifest things in my life. I am often called a ‘White Witch’ because my focus is always on the positive. I constantly ask ‘how can I heal this situation’.

In 2001 I found a Tarot course and signed up as a student. Being connected to the like-minded individuals I was learning from really opened up doors for me. Before I knew it, I’d been asked to write a course to teach meditation at the school where I was studying. I couldn’t believe it! It was like a dream come true.

I had already done vision boards/goal posters for several years before this thanks to being connected to an inspirational cosmetics company. My posters always included owning my own business selling crystals, herbs and the like, doing readings and teaching courses. I wasn’t at all convinced it would ever be a reality, just a far off fantasy that I could visit in day dreams. Well, I am totally convinced in the power of dreams now!! Especially ones that you put power behind through visualisation and feeling. Within a short time my ‘fantasy business’ had gone from day dream to physical reality. Opportunities were presenting themselves to me that I had to either jump in with both feet or walk away wondering (and being a fire sign how could I resist?!?).

I can tell you that it has not been an easy journey. While I know that I am walking the right path in my life, there are always challenges to test me, ensuring I really want the things I say I do and making me the best person that I can be. I wouldn’t have come as far as I have if it wasn’t for the beautiful and magickal souls that the universe has sent into my life to help support and encourage me. From the bottom of my heart I say thank you to each and every one of them!

I am looking to the future with an open and optimistic heart, excited about all that lies on the horizon!

Amanda Godfrey

What Amanda Loves about being at Mystical Dragon (from the January 2012 newsletter)

There are a number of things that pop into my head when I think about what I love about Mystical Dragon. But the thing that sticks out to me the most is our beautiful community. Yes, I love helping people and I am privileged to help and guide people every day at Mystical Dragon. But it is the people that I meet, the friendships that have blossomed and the community spirit that exists at Mystical Dragon that I think I most love and appreciate! I do smile when I hear someone tell me that they feel ‘at home’ when they walk in through our doors. And I like to watch as people begin to make themselves at home around here. Adding plants to our garden, bringing food to share at events, volunteering to help in working bees or minding the shop. It’s a true blessing to be connected to Mystical Dragon and the shining, ever-growing, spiritual family we have here.


  1. Amanda has a real gift for energy healing. I went for a healing session with Amanda with some bad aches which i didn’t talk to Amanda about. The session was very comfortable and relaxing a really amazing experience. My aches are gone which is so good and i feel relieved and free. During the session we also did some karmic release work which has done wonders. I wish i could go and see Amanda every week. I highly recommend Amanda and she is a very loving and gifted person.
  2. Amanda was instrumental in guiding me back onto the spiritual path and with that guidance, I experienced a profound energy shift which was beyond description. Now I know I’m where I’m supposed to be… Amanda will be THE MASTER for me. The energy healing session which I experienced with Amanda was profoundly uplifting and energising. It opened my eyes to my past life connection with the Goddess Sekhmet, which explains my fascination with Egyptian mythology. Amanda is such a gifted healer and coupled with the Karmic release it has healed wounds beyond description.
    Sandra Lim
  3. Amanda Godfrey is an incredibly talented lady and an amazing teacher. Her courses and workshops are a pleasure to attend, well paced, beautifully presented and full of fascinating information. I always come away with a new awareness and an ever increasing knowledge of the subjects I have studied. I have received numerous beautiful Reiki and Isis healings from Amanda too and can 100% vouch for the effectiveness of her very calming and relaxing healing sessions. Amanda has helped me enormously on my own personal healing path and I know I wouldn’t be well on the road to recovery without her loving care and attention. I am eternally grateful to Amanda’s skilled and gifted healing hands. I highly recommend the services and courses/workshops on offer at Mystical Dragon. Visiting this incredible place will change your life forever!
    Audrey Haddacks
  4. I have had the pleasure of having several readings and healings from Amanda Godfrey. Amanda has always proven to be incredibly accurate and empowering as her knowledge and experience is extensive, having studied and practised a wide variety of healing modalities. I have always left her side knowing what I can do to improve my situation and exactly on how I can do this. She has given me the tools to help myself which is the most healing gift of all, the gift of self realisation. Her professional manner, loving nature and selfless approach is the reason she is loved by many. Amanda is the true definition of “Light Worker” as her sole purpose is to help and empower others. I highly recommend that you seek the services of Amanda so that you to can become empowered.
  5. I have always found Amanda to be a very professional and accurate reader. Any time I have an issue and feel I need some intuitive guidance I talk to Amanda and she gives me the answers I am seeking. Amanda has helped me through numerous issues and I cannot recommend her highly enough.
  6. I have always consulted Amanda in her capacity as a psychic, for several years now. In that time, I have sought her guidance in many areas of my life. Amanda has proven accurate on many, many occasions. She has supported me through very difficult times. I have often ‘checked’ things off from my session notes as they have happened. I am completely confident in Amanda’s abilities and have no hesitation in making this recommendation.
  7. Amanda is a great and patient teacher.
  8. Thank you for putting in everything you have in each of your workshops. You have a beautiful spirit and there should be more people like you.
  9. Thank you Amanda. If it weren’t for you I’d still be a scared little book Witch too frightened to believe in myself. You have given me the tools to be the master of my destiny
  10. Amanda is a Witch deep to her core and she happily shares her knowledge and personal experiences with others. She is also a gifted psychic. I have had a number of tarot readings with her and I found her to be very accurate, knowledgeable and professional. I have also received reiki and crystal healings from her and have felt much relief afterwards. Amanda is a cut above other psychics and mediums because she has natural ability and genuine passion for this field. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting a reading or healing because she would deliver outstanding results.
  11. In the past 3 years I have had several and varied sessions with Amanda, readings such as tarot, clairvoyant/mediumship and psychometry as well as healings such as crystal, reiki and past life regressions. We can all get lost in our own darkness and hope that we find a group or an individual that can offer us some guidance when we can’t see it for ourselves, thankfully and gratefully that’s how I came to find Amanda. Her nature and style is very insightful, nurturing, compassionate and empowering. Her connection to spirit is very strong and she has brought through some amazing messages and details in the readings she has done for me. She was able to tune into my situation at the time and offer useful guidance and insight on how to move forward, reminding me of my strengths and how far I had already come. She has a very high level of reader/client ethic and is extremely aware of the sacred nature of the work she does. She has a beautiful presence and energy about her and I believe this in part is why she is so good at what she does and I have no reservations about recommending her work.
  12. I gladly vouch for Amanda and her diverse yet well practised gifts. As well as being a gifted medium, she is also skilled at reiki, tarot, crystal healing and is well versed in herbs and crystals as well as practical uses for them. Amanda is confident and committed to her craft and is always looking for ways to add to her skills and pass on knowledge to other like-minded people.