David Koch

Mystical Dragon reader and healer, David

Offers Tarot readings, Oracle card readings, and Mediumship readings face to face.

How David Can Help You

  • Intuitive/Oracle/Psychic Readings
    • $60 each 30 minute session
    • $120 each 60 minute session

When David Can Help You

  • Face to Face appointments available on Wednesdays

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David’s Qualifications

  • Graduate, Mystical Dragon’s Psychic Development Program
  • Graduate, Mystical Dragon’s Embracing Witchcraft Program
  • Graduate, Kyle Gray’s Certified Angel Guide Course
  • Angel Miracles Psychic Development
  • Angel Miracles Card Readings
  • Angel Miracles Psychic Mediumship
  • Auset Egyptian Temple Healing Level One
  • Auset Egyptian Temple Divination
  • Auset Egyptian Temple Healing Level Three
  • Holistic Hypnotherapy Certified Practitioner

David’s Bio

I began my formal psychic development training at Mystical Dragon in the hopes of getting a handle on a sensitivity I have had all my life. Trying to ignore it, or toughen up as men are told in this country, does not make it go away. What I learned from other students was that psychic abilities are diverse and different people have different specialties. I quickly learned that not everyone could tap into love and relationships as easily as I seemed to. Doing this work as a reader, I have learned that life is more complicated than a fictional love story. My biggest lesson was to cultivate an attitude of being of service and allowing the other side, guides, and loved ones to give freely, instead of expecting everyone to turn up on demand.
All of us are seeking happiness, and we must approach that with patience, understanding, and kindness.

David Koch 2021