Laura Palermo

Mystical Dragon reader, healer and teacher, Laura

Offers Intuitive Readings, Reiki Healings, and Crystal Healings via video call or face to face.

How Laura Can Help You

  • Intuitive Tarot/Oracle and Energy Reading,
    • $90 each 60-minute session
  • Intuitive Energy Healing Session with Crystal Therapy and Sound / Reiki
    • $90 each 60-minute session
  • Reading and Intuitive Healing Combo
    • $120 each 90-minute session

When Laura Can Help You

  • Face to Face appointments on Mondays and Thursdays
  • Online appointments available by contacting Laura directly

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Psychic Healer Laura’s Qualifications

  • Reiki Seichim master (Angela Aiello)
  • Reiki Usui master (Angela Aiello)
  • Psychic Development Levels 1,2&3 (Mystical Dragon)
  • Psychic Development Level IV: Mediumship (Mystical Dragon)
  • Psychic Development Level IV: Intuitive Healing (A.Godfrey)
  • Psychic Development Level IV: Channelling (Mystical Dragon)
  • Psychic Development Level V: Spiritual Business (Mystical Dragon)
  • Intuition and Insights of Tarot (Mystical Dragon)
  • Angel Miracles Level 1 (A.Godfrey)
  • Angel Miracles Psychic Mediumship (A.Godfrey)
  • Our Living Rainbow Chakra Course (Mystical Dragon)
  • Healing Power of Crystals Waves 1,2, 3 & 4 (Mystical Dragon)
  • Crystal Healing Practitioner (A.Godfrey)
  • Light Dynamics Level 1 (J.Valente)
  • Dragons as Friends (A.Godfrey)
  • Dragons in Healing (A.Godfrey)
  • Dragons in Magick (A.Godfrey)
  • Dragon DNA Awakening (A.Godfrey)
  • Level 1 Sound Healing with Voice (Sound Healing Academy)
  • Level 1 Sound Healing with Rhythm & Drum (Sound Healing Academy)
  • Level 1 Foundations of Sound Healing, Multi-Instrument (Sound Healing Academy) 

Laura’s Affiliations

  • Certified Member IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists)

Laura’s Bio

It took a lot of exploring, learning and going within for me to realise that I had all I needed already inside me, it merely needed to be expanded on. I needed to give myself time to learn and grow. My intuition has helped me get through so many things. All my life, I have drawn on it (without realising I was doing so) for seemingly trivial things. It was so natural to me, like breathing, that I didn’t even understand that was what I was doing. Looking back, I remember specific moments spirit had protected and supported me before I made the conscious effort to connect.

When I was younger, being empathic, I frequently experienced feelings and emotions that were not my own. Sometimes it would be overwhelming and, as a child, I began to withdraw instead of expressing what I was going through. This became a habit that continued in to my early adulthood.

When I started to embrace my spiritual journey more fully, I found myself confronting past hurts, experiences and emotions that had been holding me back. I began my healing journey, knowing I wanted to help others, but to do that, I had to heal myself first. So, I began emerging from my shell.

Learning at Mystical Dragon has opened up a path for me that I never thought was possible before. All the modalities I have studied so far have helped me heal and grow as a person. It is a constant process. I know I will never stop learning. This journey has made such a difference to my experience of life. I hope I can share this with others, to inspire self-acceptance just as my teachers, mentors, and fellow students have inspired me.