Michelle Fitzgerald

michelle fitzgerald

Offering Oracle card readings, Intuitive healings, and Energetic cord cutting.

How Michelle Can Help You

  • Oracle card readings
    • $70 each 30-minute session
    • $140 each 1-hour session
  • Intuitive Healings
    • $140 each 1-hour session
  • Energetic cord cutting
    • $30 each session

When Michelle Can Help You

  • On the 4th Saturday of the Month

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Michelle’s Qualifications

  • Auset Temple Healing level 1
  • Psychic Development 1,2&3 certificates
  • Psychic Development level 4: Channelling certificate
  • Psychic Development level 4: Intuitive Healing certificate
  • Intuition and the Insights of Tarot certificate
  • Embracing Witchcraft Program certificate
  • Dragons as Friends
  • Dragons in Healing
  • Dragons in Magick
  • Dragons and Divinities
  • Light Dynamics 1,2&3 certificates (Jennifer Valente)
  • Protection Magick

Michelle’s Bio

Hello there! My name is Michelle, and I thank you for taking the time to read a little about me and what I do.

For years, even working in the corporate world, I had relied on my intuition and an unconscious ability to manifest without really understanding why or how it was all happening. It wasn’t until I began my official studies in witchcraft and psychic development seven years ago that I finally felt like I’d come home and things began to make sense. I found I had a natural aptitude for the work and a growing passion to learn more, while working on myself to heal and grow. The more I delved into my studies and practical work with the guidance of incredibly gifted teachers, I was inspired to help empower others making their way on their own journey.

As a practising Witch and dedicant of the Mórrígan, I pride myself on the work that I do through my healing, which is a combination of intuitive healing and Light Dynamics spiritual healing in order to assist in facilitating energetic rebalancing, removing energy blockages and helping people to stand in their own power. I find that the guidance provided through my Oracle Card readings are a brilliant way to shine light on a situation and give you confidence to move forward on your path. A firm believer in ever-present psychic protection, layered protection magick and strong personal boundaries, I’ll be championing you to embrace your own magick and see the potential you have within yourself.

I’m also naturally drawn to crystals, working with them intuitively in combination with sacred geometry and the power of crystal gridding, to manifest positive change. Discovering that psychic talent and even witchcraft runs further back in my family tree than I had ever originally realised, was quite the ‘ah-ha!’ moment, as so many stories I’d heard from my childhood began to make more sense. I myself use both my magick and psychic abilities in my day-to-day life and businesses (both the spiritual business here, and my public relations business), ensuring that I not only talk the talk, but walk the walk too.

I look forward to meeting and working with you, if you decide to book a session with me!

Michelle Fitzgerald