Noelene, Mystical Dragon Shop Manager

Noelene is Store Manager at Mystical Dragon and runs the shop

Qualifications and Certificates

  • Meditation workshop
  • Meditation: ‘A journey within’ course
  • Meditation Practise course (Jennifer Valente)
  • Better work and family balance
  • Crystal Knowledge workshop
  • Intro to Working with Angels workshop
  • Angel Reading workshop
  • Reiki Seichim Master (Neil Hanel)
  • Psychic Development 1, 2 & 3 certificates
  • Psychic Development 4: Sensing Murder
  • Psychic Development 4: Channelling Oracle Energies
  • Psychic Development 4: Mediumship
  • Journey to the Higher Counsel workshop
  • Higher Self connection workshop
  • The Healing Power of Crystals 1, 2 & 3 certificates

Noelene’s Bio

During my life I have always been too busy to take time out for myself. I always had someone to look after, something to attend to or somewhere to go. A few years ago I received a wake up call which made me realise if I don’t look after myself, I mean, really take time to look after myself I am no good to anyone. My face was always strained, my stomach was always tied in knots and I was always cranky and unwell. My doctor told me to slow down and learn to meditate. I thought that this was a waste of my valuable time but decided to give it a go.
Since learning how to meditate and slowing my life down I find I can deal with the pressures of everyday in a more relaxed and productive way. I am a calmer person, less fidgety and not so preoccupied. Through other studies I have found a link between meditation and working with crystals, the angelic and psychic realms which have also enhanced my life.
I feel truly blessed to have found meditation and feel privileged to be able to help others connect more with their true selves.

Noelene Horner

What Noelene Loves about being at Mystical Dragon (from January 2012 newsletter)

What I love about Mystical Dragon are the people I meet. The clients who come and share their lives with us, the people who work with us on a daily basis. They all make my life so much richer. Some clients are quiet as they check out what we are about; some are in for a chat and share a part of their lives with me without hesitation. The generosity of those I work with amazes me to. Their dedication and caring attitudes towards their clients and the family atmosphere they create makes it a joy to come to work each day. Choosing to become a member of this dedicated team was one of the best life decisions I have ever made. There is joy in every day and I have all of those who dare to enter our doors to thank for this.