Ray Horner

Mystical Dragon reader and healer, Ray

Offers Reiki healings, Crystal healings, and Tarot readings face to face.

How Ray Can Help You

  • Combination Reading/Healing
    • $125 each 90 minute session
  • Crystal Healings
    • $100 each 60 minute session
  • Intuitive Healings
    • $100 each 60 minute session
  • Reiki Healings
    • $100 each 60 minute session
  • Intuitive Tarot Readings
    • $60 each 30 minute session
    • $100 each 60 minute session

When Ray Can Help You

  • Face to Face appointments available Friday afternoons

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Psychic Healer Ray’s Qualifications

  • Reiki Usui level 1 (Christine Elliot)
  • Reiki Seichim master (Neil Hanel)
  • Auset Temple Healing level 1 (Elisabeth Jensen)
  • Auset Temple Healing level 2 (Elisabeth Jensen)
  • Auset Temple Divination (Elisabeth Jensen)
  • Secret Codes of Auset & Sekhmet (Elisabeth Jensen)
  • Kuan Yin Violet Lotusbody (Elisabeth Jensen)
  • Violet Flame short course (Alessandra Viglio)
  • Psychic Development level 1 certificate
  • Psychic Development level 2 certificate
  • Psychic Development level 3 certificate
  • Psychic Development level 4: Channelling certificate
  • Psychic Development level 4: Intuitive Healing certificate
  • Tarot certificate
  • Angel Miracles level 1 (Elisabeth Jensen)
  • Angel Miracles level 2 (Elisabeth Jensen)
  • Angel Miracles Psychic Medium (Elisabeth Jensen)
  • Certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner (Centre for Complimentary Healing Studies)
  • Crystal Knowledge certificate
  • Healing with Crystals certificate
  • Healing Power of Crystals level 1 certificate
  • Healing Power of Crystals level 2 certificate
  • Healing Power of Crystals level 3 certificate
  • Crystal Healing Practitioner course
  • Diploma of Nursing
  • Geomancy (Roz Tilley)
  • Light Dynamics level 1 certificate (Jennifer Valente)
  • Light Dynamics level 2 certificate (Jennifer Valente)
  • Light Dynamics level 3 certificate (Jennifer Valente)
  • Meditation certificate
  • Connecting with Goddess Guan Yin (Jennifer Valente)
  • Meditation Practise course (Jennifer Valente)
  • Runes certificate: Freya’s Aett
  • Runes certificate: Heimdell’s Aett
  • Runes certificate: Tyr’s Aett

Ray’s Bio

Hi, my name is Ray and I’m a qualified Auset Temple Healer (also known as “Isis Lotus Healing”), Reiki / Seichim master, Crystal Healer, and gifted Tarot reader. I offer my services as a healer and tarot reader to anyone who feels the need for a healing, whether as a complimentary treatment to assist in fighting a current illness, to clear a blockage, or simply to pamper yourself.

My journey as a spiritual healer began when my father was struck down by a life threatening illness. Modern medicine had filled him full of pills but had failed to stem the course of his disease. I felt in my heart there had to be a better, less intrusive way. Thus a journey began that led me to study many health related subjects including nutrition, nursing, meditation and tarot. Although much wiser for my studies Still I hadn’t found that elusive “something” that could be used to heal others. Then I found Reiki!

Reiki means “Universal Life Energy” and is an ancient system of natural healing involving the laying on of hands. Reiki helps to break up energy blockages within the body, allowing healing energy to flow freely again and stimulating the body’s natural ability to heal itself on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. This was that elusive “something” I had sought. In 2005 I was initiated as a Reiki/Seichim master. Since then I have studied a number of Energy Healing systems so I can bring the most powerful healing process with incredible benefits to my clients.

Working as a Healer and Reader is THE most satisfying occupation I have ever had!

Ray Horner

What Ray Loves About Being At Mystical Dragon

December 2015

What do I like about working at Mystical Dragon? First and foremost I enjoy helping people! To give a client a reading or healing brings a great deal of joy to my heart knowing that in some small way I have helped that individual. The other reason? Sadly, as a young bloke I was ostracised for being different, sensitives didn’t ‘fit in’, so I conformed. At Mystical I can relax and be myself as there is no pressure to be other than who we really are. We’re all walking the path and to various degrees we are all psychic. It’s good to be accepted for who we are!

Ray Horner (Mystical Dragon newsletter, December 2015)

January 2012

I love the fact you can talk freely about the strange dream or vision you had last night without being looked at as though you had spoken in another tongue. I love being able to exercise my psychic gifts without fear of retribution or reprisal from “normal” people. But best of all, I love being able to offer guidance and healing using Tarot, Crystals, or Reiki to anyone who seeks it. For the greater part of my life I worked in places and with people who didn’t see things the same way I did and made me feel uncomfortable to say the very least. I did it because I thought it was expected of me! It has taken me a long, long time to come to the realisation that it’s OK to be me, that we don’t have to be the powerless conformist, those in power seem to desire. Mystical Dragon not only helped me find myself but provides a place where I can freely express who I am and do what I’m meant to do during my incarnation on Mother Earth.

Ray Horner (Mystical Dragon newsletter, January 2012)