Susie Roberts

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Offers readings via Skype, and distance healings.

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Qualifications and Certificates

  • Psychic Development levels 1&2 (Mystical Dragon)
  • Intuition and Insights of Tarot (Mystical Dragon)
  • Elementary Tarot Course (Sacred Mist Wellbeing)
  • Reiki Level 1 Certificate (Anne-Joyce & Jeff Hancock)
  • Reiki Level 2 Certificate (Melbourne Reiki Centre)
  • Meditation & Mindfulness Training Course (Melbourne Meditation Centre)
  • Meditation Teacher Training Course (Melbourne Meditation Centre)
  • Mediumship Development Course (Tony Stockwell – Australian Mediumship and Psychic Academy)
  • Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology)

Susie’s Bio

I come from a family where all the women on my mother’s side are intuitive. I always wondered how Mum just knew everything I got up to! As a child I was able to see and hear spirit and was very intuitive. My Dad, who had a science background was against all this and is one of the biggest sceptics I know. Even though I was drawn to the spiritual life and always had a fascination with everything spiritual I learnt to suppress it as my father said it was wrong. When I got to school I was “different” and had to suppress my abilities to “fit in”. Mum supported me but thought it was probably best to just get on with school and maybe follow it again later. One day as a teenager I came across my mother’s old tarot deck from the 60’s! I kept it and secretly started studying tarot myself. Even though I still had a fascination with all things spiritual and esoteric I thought I’d better be sensible like my Dad and get a normal job! I studied psychology at Uni and started work as a social worker. I had a bad experience and left social work and started in a corporate job. I hated it but met my husband there so you could say it was meant to be.

Tragedy struck our family when I lost my Mum, cousin and mother-in-law within 18 months and my husband and I suffered other personal tragedies. This shook the foundations of my life and changed my perspective. Life is too short to just be going through the motions doing something you don’t enjoy. Like receiving a huge wake up call I started my spiritual life again. I started studying Tarot again, studied Reiki, and learnt to teach Meditation. I wanted to make my Mum proud!

I love reading Tarot and giving psychic and oracle card readings and am often in awe of their accuracy. My Psychology background helped build my counselling skills which I use in my readings. I am an intuitive reader and psychic and use these skills to help people on their life path. I am also a reiki practitioner and meditation teacher using meditation techniques can help relax the body and calm the mind to help deal with life’s challenges. I enjoy helping people and can also help my clients to open up and use their own intuition on life’s journey.

I now feel more fulfilled in my life doing something I love and was meant to do all my life! I feel excited and very privileged to give readings, with the help of spirit, to help and guide people on their path!

Susie Roberts