Palmistry or Chiromancy Course

Palmistry, The Age-Old Art of Chiromancy

Is it really possible to read someone’s hands? Have you ever had your palms read, or wanted to, and wondered how it’s done? Most of us have read articles in books and magazines and then experimentally investigated the lines on our hands for insight and answers. Is it just a myth and how accurate is it you may have wondered. Well, the answer is that palmistry, or chiromancy, in the right hands (pun intended) is indeed accurate! We can tell so much from our hands, fingers, thumbs, and hand shape! In fact, much more than you probably realise! In this fun and fascinating 10-week evening course, you will learn all about all aspects of your hands, even natural nail shapes and how to read them. The lines on the hand will be studied as well as various mounds and markings.

Come along and study the ‘age old art of Chiromancy’ and discover your life path and so much more!

Palmistry or Chiromancy Course

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Palmistry/Chiromancy Overview

Enrolment Eligibility

  • No Restrictions

$430 Cost consists of

  • $30 enrolment fee
  • $400 course balance

Payment Methods

  • PayPal (account or credit card)
  • Cash, VISA, or MasterCard

What is Provided

  • Printed notes
  • Magnifying glass to use
  • Meditation oil
  • Light refreshments

What to Bring

  • Pen and paper

Course Duration

  • 10 weeks

Course Capacity

  • 10 Students

Next Course Starts

  • To Be Announced


Your Mentor

your palmistry/chiromancy mentor  Audrey

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Ever since receiving my first professional palm reading over 40 years ago in England, I’ve been fascinated at how much detail can be picked up from the hands. I’ve spent many years studying Chiromancy, the art of palmistry, and never fail to be amazed at its accuracy. In fact I have now started offering it as a service together with other reading and healing modalities and it is proving exceptionally popular. It seems everyone is intrigued with palm reading! I’m sure you will enjoy exploring Chiromancy and making it a part of your everyday life, just as I do!

Audrey Haddacks

This course runs for two hours per week. The course is capped to ensure that all participants receive personalised attention, therefore gaining a very valuable opportunity to learn and grow to your full potential. To help raise your vibrations to get the most out of class it is recommended that students of this course only have a light meal, avoid too much caffeine and drink plenty of water before class.

Palmistry/Chiromancy Course Topics

Week 1

  • History of Chiromancy
  • Introduction to your hands

Week 2

  • Fingers and thumbs

Week 3

  • Life and Head Line

Week 4

  • Heart and Fate Line

Week 5

  • Apollo and Minor Lines

Week 6

  • Relating Lines

Week 7

  • Marks, Colours, Lumps and Bumps

Week 8

  • Skin Ridges

Week 9

  • General Health Markings

Week 10

  • Overview
  • Practical Readings

About Your Facilitator


Audrey has been on an amazing spiritual journey her whole life and was fortunate enough to be born into an amazingly gifted lineage of healers and lightworkers. All her maternal Grandmothers were psychics, healers, seers, clairvoyants, herbalists, and crystal workers. She is honoured and humbled to be the ninth granddaughter in line to inherit their wisdom and gifts. Right from birth, Audrey’s Grandmother Clara started to teach her “the ways” and Audrey’s first treasured toys were crystals that had been passed from generation to generation!

She is so pleased and excited to be presenting this course to you!

Important Notices

Intellectual Property Rights

All material created for use in this course/workshop was written and developed by Audrey Haddacks and remains the property of Audrey Haddacks who retains all intellectual property rights. Unless otherwise agreed in writing no portion of the provided course material may be reproduced or distributed.

Student Attendance

  1. All instalments must be paid irrespective of how many classes are attended
  2. Students who miss more than one class may be ineligible to receive a course certificate
  3. Any student withdrawing from the course after commencement is required to pay any balance outstanding at the time of withdrawal