Paranormal Territories Part 1

The following article has been written by Jamie, a well respected Paranormal Investigator and Geomancer.

Paranormal Territories Part One

If you are reading this then it would be safe to assume you have some level of interest (connection) to the afterlife, and so too interested in seeking out your truth regarding the paranormal. It may be that you think you have what it takes to experience the paranormal? Well perhaps you have the nerve or patience to venture out into the darkness in untold territories but ghost hunting as portrayed on television shows (which for some is the limit of their understanding) is not entirely accurate. For example reference can be made to the typical police dramas where the crime starts at the beginning of the episode and the bad guy gets caught just before the closing credits. If only life was that easy! In reality you have to except there will be times when you can spend all night in a place that is supposed to house ghostly happenings and not see or hear a thing, let alone capture anything on camera or audio. This is not how you keep the audience coming back for more; hence the interesting (need I say more) paranormal television shows in which I refer.

So as you continue to read on, I want you to please understand that I do not write this in an attempt to dissuade you, or any person, from experiencing the afterlife but rather to understand the integrity required to navigate through paranormal territories safely. It would therefore be wise to not just consider how much you would pay to experience a ghost tour or investigation but perhaps instead ask – what am I willing to experience and any attached consequences it might bring? Do I understand the etiquette that is necessary for the spiritual realms that would otherwise protect me and others from my own actions and the actions of others? And what of the available support and how to find it if required?

If you think about it, if some random person walked into your home you would call the police and attempt to remove the intruder – which may result in negative, hostile activities. Now consider that the location you have entered contains spirit people (an important fact easily overlooked i.e. they are still people) who may be confused, unaware of their passing and searching aimlessly for something or someone or worse – know exactly what they require without the means to carry it out. In comes the spiritually aware, unaware of their potential to help, but spirit knows your true potential although however fail to understand your lack of understanding or willingness to help. To them you are ignoring their genuine pain, their plight and right to move on….. now anything is possible!

This situation, in my experience, is one of the most prevailing issues of ghost hunting and experiencing the afterlife. Many people who feel connected to learning more about spirit are actually spiritual people and their spiritual light (connection to the spirit realm) shines brighter than that of the average person and to lost spirit or darker energies you are a beacon in the darkness. It is those individuals who are honourably seeking answers to the existence of the afterlife that are in most need of understanding.

Protection from the spirit realm during ghost tours or investigations should always be considered your highest priority therefore in order to experience the afterlife safely. While activities generated by the darker side of the spirit realm are not common, it may be encountered if your exposure to paranormal territories is high. In fact there is always a possibility that the occupants of a house are not adversely affected by a presence however your presence adversely affects the ghostly occupier – hence the unpredictable nature of the spiritual realm.

What is your plan of action therefore under these circumstances? Would you not feel some level of responsibility in helping those people affected by these spirits and in particular by your own presence in removing the unwelcome energies and spirits? Energies in this case may not necessarily be the spirit of previous living people but could be the energy of the land, such as lay lines, vortexes, portals and geo-psychic stress (spirit energies) etc. This requires the attendance of an experienced Geomancer or paranormal (psychic mediums) group to heal both the land and remove any remaining spirits from the premises.

It is important to remember that in their realm, they feel they have very little control of their existence, however to an experienced spirit rescue practitioner or geomancer that could not be further from the truth. Spirit do have the power to move on if only they would realise it, hence the capacity for us heavy bodied individuals connected to the earth plane to reach out to light, disembodied souls. In saying this however, it is important to understand that it is the heavy thoughts of the light bodies (i.e. ghosts/haunting) that weights them down closer to our plane (vibration) of existence and not the higher celestial vibration. This is the situation that makes the connection between the living and the dead.

With this in mind, spirit rescue work, or just experiencing the paranormal, therefore requires willingness for learning and understanding. With understanding comes knowledge of what to do in the event that something goes wrong. Very difficult in deed for generalisation in this area but we all have to start somewhere and some basic ground rules would be a good place to start.

Over the next number of editions, I would like to discuss a number of strategies under the heading of ‘Paranormal Territories’ that would typically form the fundamentals of important ground rules. Ground rules for those not familiar with the term relates to standard operating procedures to be undertaken when engaging in identified activities, and what better subject to start with than the use of fear – the commodity.


The word ‘commodity’ came into use in English in the 15th century, from the French commodité, to a benefit or profit. Going further back, the French word derived from the Latin commoditatem (nominative commoditas) meaning “fitness, adaptation”. The Latin root commod- meant variously “appropriate”, “proper measure, time or condition” and “advantage, benefit”. (sourced from Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia)

I remember many years ago my grandfather told me never show an animal fear, as the animal may pick up on that and react in a suspicious, aggressive manner. “Why is that poppy” I replied in which he stated “you are the one in fear which tells them something is wrong, so there must be a threat either around them or potentially coming from you!” I have thought back on this many times over the years and this situation is typical of animal behaviour. Just like watching flocks of birds migrate through the skies, when one bird changes course, they all do so as not to be the odd one out, or more importantly stick out from the crowd. It is imitation of each others behaviour (particularly the strongest) that ensures survival.

So too, the potential imitation of spirit. If you are afraid, well do they need to be afraid too? If you wish to interact with spirit then fear should be the last useful tactic to engage as your behaviour may literally scare them away or limit communication entirely. Challenging spirit in their own territory (i.e. if you don’t want me here push me or hurt me) is only going to bring forward energies that know exactly how to do that why, because they know the value (commodity) of fear!

If spirit wish to create fear to feed off your energy, this should generate concern, as fear is the commodity to them, and they will work hard to profit from their efforts in scaring you. Not unlike the classical (Karl Marx’s) political terms, a commodity is any good or service produced by human labour and offered as a product for general sale on the market (Wikipedia). It is the effort that they will resort to that should be your level of threat assessment. No one likes having anything taken away from them without their permission and every time you give away your commodities, the disembodied spirit gains strength to do harm.

Remember not all spirit are co-operative or friendly and can be as negative as they choose. The interaction of energy goes both ways therefore and if you for no apparent reason become fearful, this may be an indication to leave a space as a potential unseen threat may be manifesting nearby. Fear is not infectious however (as commonly thought) and it is the simple survival tool as previously discussed of imitation that we comply; fight, flight or freeze. Ultimately we need to reserve that energy for us and not them so remember:

  • Fear is a commodity. It is your energy and not for sale; so don’t give it away, as it may ultimately be at your expense.
  • Always utilise (and strengthen) psychic protection techniques during any perceived energy attack from both the living and disembodied. Psychic protection should be performed as a matter of course, prior, during and after a ghost tour or investigation to ensure control.
  • To act without fear therefore is to be calm and in control of your emotions and thoughts which is typical of expected communication. To feel in control in essence reflects control that would in turn hopefully subdue any fears of spirit. The mutual exchange of energy here is important as it is given freely by both parties. Their suspicion of you and your unusual equipment (remember our technology may not be of their time) is normal, but the dread associated with an area and or perceived fear therein is not and should always be seen as a sign. Awareness of the self as well as your surrounds should be paramount at this stage.
  • If fear exists identify the cause and rationalise your response. Please keep in mind that the spirit you encountered may have been wandering aimlessly for centuries in a foggy existence. It is their existence that may contain the fear of a tragic event being replayed over and over. The fear that you experience therefore may be the manner of communication that an empath (a person that feels is clairsentient) would refer to as communication. It may not be intended to frighten you but the response to your request for communication.
  • Typically when the message is acknowledged the fear should subside and allow for new communication. If the feeling continues, you should disengage the space and allow for grounding and balancing of your energies before you continue your ghost tour or investigation. Document your feelings and thoughts on the subject as this may create clarification of the intended message that will assist with future reference.
  • Do not underestimate their intelligence, your movement and attitude towards them can be obvious so control your thoughts and actions.
  • Work towards keeping both yourself and those around you grounded and safe at all times and remember, feelings have many purposes, as with intuition. If your situation doesn’t feel right honour those feelings and remove yourself as safely as possible without causing fear in others. Your actions may ruin their experience as the feelings you have may be yours and yours alone and not meant for others!

In the next edition, we discuss the courage of learning, what are the typical motivations behind the journey, safe ways to learn about the paranormal, and situations to avoid along the way.”