Problem Solving Spell

A Spell to help in solving a problem

This problem solving spell will help you focus your energy on finding a solution for whatever is causing you stress and anxiety at this time.

Best Timing

A Full Moon or New Moon is most ideal

Required Items

  1. A wooden skewer or similar to carve a candle
  2. A brown or white candle
  3. A clearing essential oil like sage, lavender or sandalwood
  4. A Bay leaf (dried or fresh)
  5. A black marker pen

What to Do

Problem Solving Spell

There is a great deal of stress going on for a great many at present. So much of Australia is in a covid-19 lock down or trying to recover from having been in one recently. Not to mention other everyday stresses we all have to deal with. So I thought perhaps it would be good to have a problem solving focus. In this way you can choose to focus your energy on finding a solution for whatever is causing you stress and anxiety at this time.

Part One

Think of the problem you would especially like a solution to, if you have multiple issues then pick the one causing you the most drama, and come up with a keyword or symbol that represents that problem. eg If finances are causing you the greatest anxiety then you could use a dollar sign, if a person is causing you stress you could use their initials, if school is the problem then maybe draw a book or use the word ‘school’, etc.

Part Two

Having decided on your keyword or symbol, now carve it into the side of your candle using the wooden skewer. Next, take your essential oil and begin anointing your candle in a circular motion starting from the bottom of the candle and moving towards the top. As you work the oil into the candle affirm, feel and visualise a positive resolution coming. Don’t worry about specifics, just see/feel/know that the perfect solution is on its way. See the whole situation shifting into a positive state with stress gone. Spend a good few minutes doing this while both holding your candle and anointing it.

When you feel ready, place the candle in its holder ready to light. Next, write your chosen keyword or symbol on one side of your Bay leaf. Then, flip your leaf over and write your initials on the other side with the black marker pen. Place the leaf under or beside the base of your candle.

When you are ready, center yourself before you light the candle and say:

My problems today have become a great quest,
but the flame of this candle now sets my troubles to rest.
My soul's energy soothes my rapid heart rate,
And sends me answers to which I can relate.
With clarity of thought and freedom of will,
I am open to the answers that will reduce this "hill".
For the good of all, and with harm to none,
Let this magick of spirit be created and done.
Blessed Be

Leave your candle to burn all the way out. If there is any wax left when it is done you can do some scrying to see if it inspires you with a direction.

Once the candle is finished, move the Bay leaf to under your pillow or on the bedside and sleep with it there for three nights. The morning after the third night take your Bay leaf outside, crumble it up and allow it to scatter in the wind. Know that Universe and your soul is already working with you to bring solutions to this problem. Release the spell and allow what is needed to come to you. Either as inspiration for what action to follow or literal opportunities/solutions. xx