2022 Gratitude Diary by Melanie Spears


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Find tips and suggestions on how to live a happier life by incorporating gratitude into everything that you do. A beautifully designed gratitude diary, each day asking “what am I grateful for?” prompting you to notice everything that is good in your life.

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The 2022 Gratitude Diary by Melanie Spears is a beautifully designed diary that has one page for each day of the year. “What am I grateful for?” is the question you will be asked each day prompting you to notice everything that is good in your life. This will illuminate what is working for you and help you notice and anchor more deeply into them.

This year we are being asked by the author to look to the cosmic conversation between Venus and Mars.  To paraphrase, simply becoming aware of the moon and her cycles helps support the balance of our masculine and feminine. When we live in tune with the planet’s rhythms, we begin to notice that we are living parallel to the cycles and seasons of life. It is the awareness and acceptance of this, that creates Peace.

A hardcover diary measuring 195 x 175mm.

  • day to a page view
  • monthly astrological overview
  • reflective and inspirational quotes
  • daily gratitude pages

Want to get a better look at this diary? Check out our video showing you through it: https://youtu.be/11u6dOXVX78

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