Angel Miracles Psychic Medium course


Take your mediumship skills to the next level with Angel Miracles Psychic Medium!

10am-6pm Monday & Tuesday March 16 & 17, 2020
Course Prerequisites: Angel Miracles level 1

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Angel Miracles Psychic Medium course is an intensive two days study to become a certified ‘Angel Miracles Psychic Medium’. This will enable you to give detailed evidential mediumship readings for clients. Counselling skills are included so you can give positive and healing readings to clients. Advanced methods to release lost souls and clear negative energies and attachments from clients are also included.
This is the next level of working with your intuition that will see you connect with and bring through messages from deceased loved ones and passed over pets.
Angel Miracles Psychic Medium is essential for Auset Temple Healing Level 3.

For more information please visit the course page
All information on Auset Temple Healing is courtesy Elisabeth Jensen.