Auset Temple Divination course


Open yourself to Ancient Egyptian Divination and Magick, become an Oracle of Auset!

10am-6pm Monday & Tuesday March 2 & 3, 2020
Course Prerequisites: Auset Temple Healing level 1

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Open yourself to Ancient Egyptian Divination and Magick! Become an Oracle of Auset, able to give yourself and others clear, accurate, wise, specific, and insightful readings. Use the process of Auset Temple Divination to communicate with the Divinities, accessing their wisdom, guidance, and Alchemy converting dense physical energies to clearer and higher ones through Initiations/Attunements to the Divinities and Elementals plus meditations. These simple practices and meditations are highly effective and safe.

For more information please visit the ‘Auset Temple Divination’ course page
All information on Auset Temple Healing is courtesy of Elisabeth Jensen